E3 Scorecard

MVP Award

‪Cherry‬ Cordial: This isn't as easy as last week. ‪kfangurl‬: Yeah, no clear winner at the moment in my head. ‪Stephanie‬: I have two clear contenders. ‪kfangurl‬: Eunhyuk? ‪Stephanie‬: Yep. I was so happy he was finally able to prove how popular he was. ‪CC‬: Yeah, at the end, I was thinking he should be nominated for MVP. KFG-BFF E3 49 ‪kfangurl‬: He brought the screams for sure. Although it wasn't really what he did, it was more who he was — or is. Him just stepping on stage? The screams went c-r-a-z-y. ‪Stephanie‬: He still led the team through that. Finding remix, working the ‘choreography’. ‪kfangurl‬: True. Though I wish we didn't have to see so much of that. ‪CC‬: He's an entertainer, and he knew how to work the crowd, too. ‪Stephanie‬: And I liked how he was so snarky at the reunion. I'm a huge fan of the snark. ‪CC‬: Who's your other contender? ‪Stephanie‬: It’s a stretch. I vote Vietnam. ‪CC‬: Ooh. I hadn't thought of that. ‪Stephanie‬: Throughout the episode, I kept thinking how beautiful it was. That temple? The desert dunes? Where they were practicing? So pretty. CC-BFF E3 10 ‪CC‬: Should we keep it to the cast? Even though I completely agree with you about the beauty. ‪Stephanie‬: I think it's more interesting than just agreeing on Eunhyuk. ‪kfangurl‬: We could consider Uee. She had to dance on repeat but she did it like a trooper. KFG-BFF E3 65 ‪Stephanie‬: Again and again? And again. ‪kfangurl‬: She was so tired that she was flat on her back, but she sucked it up and did it anyway. KFG-BFF E3 25 ‪CC‬: Yeah, she's a runner-up, but I really think Eunhyuk is it. Si-yoon did some good stuff, but not enough for MVP. ‪kfangurl‬: Eunhyuk definitely took the whole performance to a whole new level with his contributions. He worked the crowd really well. Got them to wave their shoes and everything. KFG-BFF E3 64 ‪Stephanie‬: The shoe thing seemed to be the one unscripted moment. ‪kfangurl‬: It felt genuinely spontaneous and fun. CC‬: He finally got to use his popularity for the team. ‪Stephanie‬: Eunhyuk for the win! KFG-BFF E3 54 ‪Stephanie‬: Sorry Vietnam. If you had been an actual cast member it would have been you.

Favorite Quote

Cherry Cordial: I don’t know why, but the exchange after Se-yoon found out that Si-yoon’s mom ran a beauty shop caught my funny-bone:

Se-yoon: “Where do you get your hair done?” Si-yoon: “I go somewhere else.”

kfangurl: My favorite moment is during the reunion when Team Mui Ne strives to show they suffered too:

Ho-dong exclaims: “Look how thin my face became!” Eunhyuk, quick as lightning, shoots right back: “Huh? I wish I could see that.” HA! Eunhyuk’s definitely in top form.

Stephanie: Well, glad we didn’t have to say it...

Jong-shin: The senior producer went with your team. Ho-dong: What would it mean that the senior producer went with us? Jong-shin: It means you’re lacking!

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: My favorite moment is this one when Se-yoon and Si-yoon check themselves out in their camera. It’s so vain and so candid! KFG-BFF E3 03 Stephanie: Shhhh... they are vewwy, vewwy sleepy. SK-BFF E3 06 Cherry Cordial: Mine is Se-yoon and Si-yoon as well, but when they’re singing the cheerful song for the grumpy halmoni. Soooo cute! CC-BFF E3 07

Favorite Dance

Stephanie: In honor of this week's dance themed episode, we decided to pick our favorite dance. My choice? Easy. Si-yoon’s chicken dance. Arm flaps, head jerks, attitude — it had everything! SK-BFF E3 05 kfangurl: My pick is also Si-yoon, for the moment that he made a heart at the audience during the actual performance. I thought that was very sweet. He has a way of connecting with people that I really enjoy. KFG-BFF E3 66 Cherry Cordial: My pick is Se-yoon. He came out and did the most spastic, goofy dance, and ended up touching his head with his foot. What... I just don’t even... whatever, it was funny and entertaining, I don’t have to understand it, right? CC-BFF E3 28

So what do you think? Who was the best of the best dancer of the Barefoot Friends?

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