E3 Throwdown kfangurl: I just realized the show didn't give a verdict on best smile.

Stephanie: Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that they left out one smile team but instead replayed a whole 5 minutes from last week?

Cherry Cordial: I'd like to see more of Uee. I think she's being woefully underused.

CC-BFF E3 07

Stephanie: And Eunhyuk! He's a hoot whenever he's on screen.

kfangurl: I'd like more evenly distributed screen time across teams. It feels pretty uneven right now.

CC: Too much time with one team gets a little boring. No matter how much you like them.

Stephanie: Funny how both teams agreed Team Cyclo got the shaft. I'd love to be there when the stars found out how easy the other team had it.

CC: Yeah, there didn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to why certain teams got priority.

CC-BFF E3 03

Stephanie: You did what? When we busted our butts?

kfangurl: Can't argue with screaming in the bathroom.

Stephanie: Ahhh... kdrama and its bathroom humor.

CC: Sounds painful for poor Si-yoon

kfangurl: He did get tears in his eyes recounting it. Poor guy.


Stephanie: Have you seen Me Too, Flower!? Si-yoon's an awesome crier — so I wouldn't believe it.

CC: That's just mean. He was in pain.

kfangurl: I feel like he meant it.

Stephanie: Guess I'm just jaded.

kfangurl: Just a touch.

Stephanie: In the nicest way possible I'd like to recommend Barefoot Friends get a better production team. They have a great cast with awesome chemistry who could be put to better use.

CC: Stop reading my mind, Stephanie.

CC-BFF E3 14

‪kfangurl: They have some golden moments that would really shine if edited right. The cast is great when interacting with one another and the locals. My favorite moments from episode 2 were from Team Cyclo talking with customers.

CC: Editing can make all the difference in the story we see on screen. Editors do more than just cut scenes together, they're telling the story they want you to see, and they didn't do a very good job here.


Stephanie: The reunion? Or the last performance? Hilarious.

CC: Those were the two highlights, definitely.

kfangurl: I liked the reunion conversation a lot. It gave them space to just be and let us see what unfolded. It didn't feel staged.

CC: Yeah, it was fun. I think I did prefer the reunion to the last performance, although it was fun when the cast did their solo dances.

Stephanie: You know what would be interesting? Is if this were actually a travel show. The scenery and food made me want to visit Vietnam!


kfangurl: Maybe it is a travel show, and just hasn't realized it yet.

CC: Yes, I feel like it doesn't quite know what it wants to be.

Stephanie: I think they are working it out as they go along, but I worry about those ratings. I wish it were as popular there as it is on DramaFever.

CC: I think if they gave it time, it could get better, but I'm not sure they're gonna get that.

Stephanie: I hope Barefoot sticks around for a while. I want to squee over Hyun-Joong some more.


kfangurl: Hopefully next week's high adventure tone and the new locale will pull those ratings up some.

CC: I hope so, and I hope they learn how to divide it into episodes better.

Stephanie: I'm looking forward to seeing Thailand! It looks pretty.

kfangurl: Thailand IS pretty.

CC: Thailand? I thought it was Indonesia.

kfangurl: Indonesia is next for sure.

Stephanie: Whoops!

kfangurl: I thought you knew something we didn't.

Stephanie: Maybe I’m psychically seeing into the future... spooky!

Where would you like our new friends to go next?

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