E4 Lowdown

Part 1 Airport and Night Market — Stephanie

Korea: Our team gathers, comparing notes on how long it took to recover from their Vietnam trip. (Jae-shin: “I couldn't look at a bicycle for a week!”) Hyun-Joong's “isn't he beautiful” entrance never gets old! SAK EP4 3 On the plane, Si-yoon's poked at for being a smarty-pants for his collection of books. Anyone else think it's a hoot they flew first class last time, but now it's economy? Indonesia: Immediately given a challenge, they draw envelopes filled with money and the name of a food which they have find, buy, and bring back to the bus. First one back wins. SAK EP4 17 The market's packed with fans eager for a look at their favorite stars (poor Jae-shin and Se-yoon). Si-Yoon uses this to his advantage, having the crowd lead him and then giving him a “plastic” to carry his tea in. SAK EP4 13 Ho-dong continues shouting in Korean, while the others fight their way through the stalls and against each other to collect their food. SAK EP4 23 Racing to the bus, Ho-dong wins! He gets first choice of another envelope! Groan. The envelopes contain money which will chip off the total of what they have to earn tomorrow. SAK EP4 24 At the dorm, ready for bed, they finally realize EunHyuk's not joining them this trip.

Se-yoon: "Actually, we're not that close."

Part 2 Group Gendong — Cherry Cordial

The cruel PDs wake them at 4am, and everyone’s cranky from lack of sleep, making grumpy faces. CC-BFF 04 010 They have to make a living in Indonesia doing something called gendong.

Ho-dong: “Gendong? The name sounds like hard work.”

At the In Duk produce market, they learn that gendong is carrying loads of goods on their backs. Ho-dong gets the first customer (Jong-shin: “I would choose him too!”) and tries unsuccessfully to negotiate a better price. CC-BFF 04 027 Hyun-joong, carrying a very heavy load, meets Se-yoon on the way out.

Hyun-joong: “I got shorter.”

CC-BFF 04 040 Jong-shin can’t get any work and ends up trying to undercut Bum-soo and Se-yoon. A group of them decide to compete for customers and find one who asks them to do a dance. It ends up between Hyun-joong and Si-yoon (“I can do it too!”), with Si-yoon winning after a very cute dance. CC-BFF 04 082 Later, counting their money (Hyun-joong made the most), they discuss whether they should pool the money. Hyun-joong is against it, and everybody sucks up to him so he’ll agree.

Hyun-joong (laughing): “As Se-yoon said last night, we aren’t close yet.”

Se-yoon: “I think we became really close.”

CC-BFF 04 119 Si-yoon is made treasurer [but what about his poor math skills last time?], and they head out for breakfast.

Part 3 Breakfast and the Gendong Brothers — kfangurl

KFG-BFF E4 005 The group pile their plates with food at a restaurant, then ask their new treasurer if everything is ok. Si-yoon assures them everything is fine, but Jong-shin is doubtful:

“Si Yoon knows a lot of things, but he's not good with math.”

Si-yoon slips away to the cashier, only to find that the cost of their meal is more than all the money they've made. Gulp. Worse, Ho-dong goes for seconds. Si-yoon simply asks, “Is that good?” while making this face when Ho-dong's back is turned: KFG-BFF E4 002 Jong-shin breaks the bad news to the group, and the PD lends them the money, provided they pay it back the same day. Ho-dong suggests picking two people to earn it, and they draw straws. Se-yoon gets the short straw — and so does Ho-dong. HA! KFG-BFF E4 003 The two return to the market and gendong, with all they've got, earning 4,000 rupiah more than their goal — plus some fruit. KFG-BFF E4 004 Back at the lodge, Hyun-joong reminds the team that they still need money for lodging. Ho-dong protests (“Why do all of us need lodging?”) and the team decides to play rock-paper-scissors to pick one person to earn it, doing — what else? — gendong! KFG-BFF E4 001 So — Who you think it will it be? DUN-DUN! Read the previous Barefoot Friends Drama Club Series for… Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial