E4 Scorecard

MVP Award

Cherry Cordial: We had some good stuff this week. kfangurl: Lots. Stephanie: And it was really well spread out. CC: Yes, which makes it harder on us, but I'm glad more cast members got screentime. kfangurl: Ho-dong and Se-yoon did have to work extra. Does that make them automatic contenders? And Hyun-joong, for making the most money with his face and body in the group gendong? KFG-BFF E4 011 CC: Hyun-joong definitely should be a nominee. Stephanie: I want to vote for Si-yoon — but I’m biased that way — everything he does I think is adorable. But in this episode? Probably Ho-dong. kfangurl: Aw... Si-yoon is out of the running coz he was the pabo one this week — poor Si-yoon! KFG-BFF E4 010 CC: I think Si-yoon's adorable, too. But he wasn't a good treasurer. kfangurl: Yeah, no. Though I still love him. Stephanie: So Si-yoon the inept — OUT. Eunhyuk the no-show — also OUT. CC: We saw more of Bum-soo and Jong-shin this week. KFG-BFF E4 009 kfangurl: Yes, they were hilarious! CC: I'm not sure it was enough for MVP. And we saw more personality from Uee, but still not enough. Stephanie: Nope. I'm putting my lot in with Ho-dong. KFG-BFF E4 007 kfangurl: Yeah, ajusshi near broke his back today. But, Se-yoon did too. CC: Lol, so it's between the Muscle Brothers? Stephanie: Ho-dong won the first round — getting back to the bus first — and he was a mule at the market. kfangurl: He was a real trooper about it. Stephanie: Both times. CC: OK, you guys have convinced me. He pulled more than his fair share of the weight. I'll vote Ho-dong. KFG-BFF E4 008 kfangurl: And we have a winner — Kang Ho-dong!

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: I was really quite tickled by Jong-shin’s deadpan humor in response to his lack of popularity as a gendong boy, contrasted to Hyun-joong’s top earner status.

Jong-shin: I realized Indonesians are the same as Koreans. They give work to strong or pretty people.

HA! But you just can’t argue with The Pretty, right? Cherry Cordial: Maybe it’s the bookworm in me, but I loved Se-yoon’s reaction when he saw Si-yoon’s stack of books on the airplane.

Se-yoon: “Even the titles are hard to understand.”

Stephanie: My favorite has got to be the recurring joke when they were talking about the other members...

“Actually, we’re not that close.”

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: I love this mock-serious moment when Ho-dong gendongs his gendong brother Se-yoon out of the restaurant. Both deadpan, “We’ll be back.” Way to make the most out of a short-straw situation! KFG-BFF E4 006 Cherry Cordial: I’m such a Si-yoon fangirl, I had to pick his cute, winning dance. How could I resist? It even got a side-eye and headshake from Hyun-joong. CC-BFF 04 083 Stephanie: This is where I lose out being in the wrong time zone! Best of the night has to be Se-yoon riding on Ho-dong’s back. Second? Si-yoon doing his dance. Hmm... I think I’ll go with what happens when you wake a sleeping idol. CC-BFF 04 014

Favorite Funny Moment

Since this week was so funny, we decided to choose the moment which made us laugh out out loud. Stephanie: Definitely the team trying to convince Hyun Joong to share his gendong bounty. He refused to cave until Uee said her ideal man had changed since the show began... Such a funny scene! CC-BFF 04 119 Cherry Cordial: Mine has to be when Ho-dong and Se-yoon were counting their money at the end, and Se-yoon started pulling fruit out of his pocket. It was money... money... money... fruit? …and more fruit? Cracked me up so bad. KFG-BFF E4 004 kfangurl: My favorite funny moment was in the bus, when the team started to eat the foods they’d bought. Hyun-joong realizes the stall holders hadn’t given him a spoon to eat his packet of grilled rice with. KFG-BFF E4 012 Next to him, Se-yoon finishes off his beef rib and hands the rib bone to Hyun-joong saying, “Hey, use this!” Hyun-joong doesn’t miss a beat, simply says, “Okay,” takes the rib from Se-yoon and starts eating his rice with it. I thought the whole thing was hysterical! So — what was your favorite funny moment this episode? Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial