E4 Throwdown kfangurl: I think the new locale, the increased inter-cast familiarity, and the better editing did this episode a world of good. Stephanie: Well, la-ti-da. kfangurl: HA Cherry Cordial: I laughed sooo much more this time. If I hadn't had to type, I would have actually been rolling on the floor one time. Stephanie: This episode could be renamed: BRING ON THE CUTE! I laughed more than I have in all the other episodes combined! SAK EP4 14 kfangurl: So much bantering! Loved the bantering! I laughed out loud a LOT more than I expected to. CC: And not just between Hyun-joong and Ho-dong like last time. Stephanie: Everyone's getting more comfortable and are getting good at poking fun at each other. CC: Even Uee’s getting snarky. I like seeing her personality coming out more. kfangurl: The cast felt genuinely spontaneous a lot of the time, which I loved. Stephanie: I'm sad that Eunhyuk wasn't here. It was so funny they didn't realize he wasn’t there until the night. kfangurl: Well, I actually didn't realize it either. CC: That's funny and sad at the same time. Think how much more they could have made since he's so popular... KFG-BFF E4 003 Stephanie: This is the plus of having a big cast, you can easily slip out a member if they have other things to do. kfangurl: I feel a little sorry for Eunhyuk next time he shows up, as he won't have the shared memory of Indonesia. This increased chemistry’s really helping to make the show more entertaining. CC: They're already getting nicknames. Stephanie: Nicknames? CC: "Muscle Brothers" Stephanie: Hyun-joong and Ho-dong! What about the other two — the ones who kept competing and bickering? They were a hoot. SAK EP4 20 CC: It was more like three wasn't it? I saw Jong -shin, Bum-soo, and Se-yoon getting into it. kfangurl: I LOVED the undercutting — mock and not so mock. Stephanie: Question. What’s with the things they wear on their arms? I thought it was a shirt, but they’re like arm-warmers. Isn't it super hot? kfangurl: It's to shield their arms from the sun. Golfers use it. CC: I was wondering about that too. Stephanie: I've been trying to figure that out since the beginning! kfangurl to the rescue! CC-BFF 04 079 kfangurl: My totally different location to the rescue! The sun’s blistering hot around these parts. The arm things are made of breathable dri-fit material, so it's not as suffocating as it looks. Stephanie: It kept bugging me — they were always so hot — I'd think "Well then, take off the undershirt!" Back to the episode. This week's episode almost doubled in ratings. That's a good sign right? kfangurl: Hopefully Korea will love this show more as we go. CC: I'm learning things about these guys that I never knew before. Who'd have guessed Hyun-joong was spacey? And I didn't even know who Bum-soo was, but he's growing on me. kfangurl: I LOVE his facial expressions! He's brilliant at the deadpan. CC: But Si-yoon’s just as adorable as I thought he'd be. He's so excited just to interact with everyone and learn new things. SAK EP4 4 kfangurl: You just wanna squish him. Stephanie: His bumping his head into the wall because he didn't want to get up? kfangurl: Aw... That was so cute and so sad. CC: Oh, Hyun-joong’s waking up face... was so disgruntled. kfangurl: Now you know how he'd look waking up next to you, heh. CC-BFF 04 115 Stephanie: Please let Hyun-joong wake up next to me. Wait — did I say that out loud? kfangurl: You did. CC: He's growing on me too, Stephanie, but I won't encroach. Stephanie: Probably best — I'm bigger and stronger than you are — I will take you down. kfangurl: I'll just giggle from afar. Read the previous Barefoot Friends Drama Club Series for… Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial