E5 Lowdown

Part 1 Kai Bai Bo and One More Gendong — kfangurl

The team plays rock-paper-scissors (kai bai bo) to determine their gendong representative for the evening. Everyone's nervous, especially gendong brothers Se-yoon and Ho-dong.

Ho-dong: “If I did gendong again... it'd be fun because you would see me crying for real.”

One by one, the members are eliminated, and Hyun-joong loses the final face-off. He rolls on the floor in shock: KFG-BFF E5 002 He sighs in disbelief on his way to the market:

“I made more money than anyone else. I ate the cheapest at the restaurant. And now why should I do this again?” HA! And, aww.

The market's almost empty, but Hyun-joong scores a gig for multiple loads of watermelon. KFG-BFF E5 005 After several round trips, heaving and roaring all the way, Hyun-joong has a realization:

“Now I begin to understand... what it means to lose your mind.”

The stallholders feed him some watermelon, and Hyun-joong is deeply grateful. KFG-BFF E5 007 Hyun-joong finally finishes the herculean task, and even gets a tip. He gratefully hugs the stall owner:

“I love you. You are the best.” Awww..

KFG-BFF E5 008 The final tally shows that Hyun-joong carried a total of 964kg (2,125.26lb) of watermelon (!!!). He's pleased, but also thoughtful:

“I'm going to take this [receipt] home with me... I will live hard without complaining.”

Aw. KFG-BFF E5 009

Part 2 Motorcycle Washing and Noodles — Stephanie

Never fear! While Hyun-joong was hard at work the rest of the team wasn't slacking. Unfortunately though, as soon as Hyun-joong joins the motorcycle-washing team Ho-dong quickly tricks him into helping. SAK-BFF E5 007 Hyun-joong, while not pleased, plays along nicely. We’re treated to scenes from carwash-theater  starring Hyun-joong and Uee. First scene was Uee teaching Hyun-joong to model alluringly with his hose. SAK-BFF E5 001 Second scene, Hyun-joong, in a burst of anger, tosses his rag to the ground and tells Uee if she has so much money she should give some to him. Looks like those acting lessons for City Conquest really paid off. SAK-BFF E5 004 Let’s check in on the noodle team of Si-yoon, Se-yoon, and Bum-soo! The boys learn how to make soup to sell in a restaurant. Well — except for Se-yoon — who heads off with a food cart not to be seen again. SAK-BFF E5 009 Bum-soo, remembering Si-yoon’s ability to lure in customers through the sheer force of his adorable nature, leaves Si-yoon all front-of-house duties. Unfortunately, what Bum-soo forgot was Si-yoon’s inability to do math. So, really? Si-yoon’s errors are entirely Bum-soo’s fault. SAK-BFF E5 027 Luckily the owner still pays them in money and food. Everyone heads back to the inn for dinner and a well-deserved rest.

Part 3 Rock Shrimp and School — Cherry Cordial

Everybody wakes up sleepy-eyed and cranky at 6am. CC-BFF 05 005 On the bus, they’re told that the village they’re going to is famous for rock shrimp, and they’ll get to eat them. Everyone’s suspicious that it’s too easy.

Si-yoon: “I’m nervous, not happy.”

Ho-dong: “Don’t plant seeds in their head. You should just quietly take the offer.”

CC-BFF 05 009 Hiking to the ocean, Si-yoon complains that there’s something wrong, and they can’t trust the PDs, but everyone tells him not to worry. When they end up on a cliff with a small, wooden cable-car connecting them to an island, everyone realizes Si-yoon was right, and he doesn’t hesitate to say “I told you so!” Ho-dong is too heavy, and Uee isn’t strong enough, but everyone else heads over one-by-one. CC-BFF Cable Collage Until they get to Si-yoon then it’s — “to be continued”? WTH? There’s still 10 minutes of the show left! CC-BFF 05 085 And we get a time jump to our cast heading to a village school with instructions to have fun with the students. They decide to dance for the students, forming a human chain with the kids at the end. The kids enthusiastically join in on the conga line, and everyone has loads of fun. CC-BFF Dance Collage Would you have ridden in the cable car? Read more of the Barefoot Friends Drama Club Series… Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial