E5 Scorecard

MVP Award

Stephanie: ‪So MVP. I'm fairly certain we're all going to be saying the same person. I feel like we should Kai Bai Bo on who gets to say it first‬. kfangurl: ‪HAHA.‬ KFG-BFF E5 011 Cherry Cordial: ‪On 3?‬ Except I don't know which is which, so I'll have to put it in English.‬ Stephanie: ‪If only we weren't in three different time zones and two different continents‬. kfangurl: ‪Sure, we like to bicker about MVP, but this is going to be one of those rare times that we all agree on our nominee. Stephanie: Okay — so easy. Kim Hyun-joong CC: Yep, Kim Hyun-joong here, too.‬ kfangurl: ‪YES. He really worked hard this episode, and he totally BROUGHT the goods‬. Stephanie: ‪On his back. KFG-BFF E5 012 CC: ‪He was the gendong man, cleaned the motorcycle, and he went first to the rock shrimp.‬ KFG-BFF E5 015 kfangurl: I LOVED how stunned and happy he was after realizing he'd lifted almost a full ton at the market. CC: ‪And he looked pretty the whole time.‬ Stephanie: ‪He could just breathe and look pretty‬. CC-BFF 05 003 kfangurl: ‪‪He was so funny ad-libbing the motorcycle drama scene!‬ I loved that he could laugh even when he must've been so exhausted‬. CC: Yes, that was funny, throwing the sponge on the ground‬, then posing... <sigh> so pretty‬... SAK-BFF E5 004 kfangurl: ‪I loved what a good sport he was, not only about that, but about going first on the cable car‬, which was freaking scary, I hafta admit. CC: ‪Yes, a very good sport.‬ KFG-BFF E5 017 kfangurl: ‪He was scared too, you could tell‬. But he sucked it up and did it anyway‬. CC: ‪Not only sucked it up, but volunteered, right?‬ Stephanie: ‪I couldn't have done it.‬ CC: ‪I'm not sure if anyone could get me on that cable car.‬ KFG-BFF E5 016 Stephanie: ‪And then when he said his good-byes?‬ SO funny. ‪I bet he even was a great fisherman — you know — if they'd shown us that part‬. kfangurl: ‪Maybe we'll get to see it next week. If we hold our breaths. Stephanie: ‪Yeah. Lets not get me off on that tangent.‬ CC: ‪So, we're agreed?‬ kfangurl: ‪Kim Hyun-joong — YOU WIN!!! ‬ KFG-BFF E5 013 Stephanie: ‪Easy peasy. There really wasn't anyone at all to nominate‬. kfangurl: ‪Naw, no one else even qualified to be nominated, sadly‬. CC: ‪Yes, but even if there were, he totally deserved it.‬ So, it's not just by default.‬ kfangurl: ‪Agreed. Kim Hyun-joong was a deserving winner for sure‬. Stephanie: ‪He did it and looked good doing it too. Now if only we could get him to take that shirt off.‬..

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: I was particularly tickled by Hyun-joong’s self-deprecating humor this episode. I loved this moment when, after yet another watermelon gendong round trip, Hyun-joong hilariously pants at the camera:

“Everyone... Now you are watching... Kim Hyun Joong's... final variety show episode.”

HAHA! I love how he can muster up the jokes even when he’s literally about to keel over from exhaustion. What a trooper. Stephanie: I’m going with the guy in the crowd who doubted Hyun-joong: “He looks like a flower boy, he can’t do all of that!” Cherry Cordial: My favorite quote was said by two people off-screen, so I don’t know who they were. It’s when they first see the cables going to Rock Shrimp Island:

"What are the cables?" "The way to hell."

That’s just about the way I’d feel looking at them, too.

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: My fave moment in the whole episode has to be when Hyun-joong realizes he’s lifted almost a whole ton of watermelons. He looks so stunned and so pleased; I find it really cute, yet very touching. Look at that face: KFG-BFF E5 014 Stephanie: I learned from last week and called my favorite shot as it was happening. It’s like he turned his CV face on for this. Rawr! KFG-BFF E5 018 Cherry Cordial: I chose this shot because seeing the shoes lined up like that really made me realize that our barefoot friends are all in this together, facing (mostly) the same hardships, and pulling together as a team. CC-BFF 05 001 So — which were your favorite moments this episode? Read all the other Barefoot Friends Drama Club Series… Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial