E6 Lowdown

Part 1 More Rock Shrimp — Cherry Cordial

We pick up with Si-yoon getting ready to head over to the island. “I prefer reading books over doing exercise,” he says (awww... me too!), but he’ll go anyway, as an example to kids like him. CC-BFF 06 006 Once he’s there, they all head down a rickety ladder — where everyone proceeds to stand around and watch Hyun-joong do all the work of checking the nets while scrambling around on the rocks like a mountain goat. CC-Rock Shrimp KHJ Collage After catching one and a half shrimp, they have to head back as fast as possible since the tide is coming in and making huge waves. By the time they’re all back over, the waves have soaked everyone (including Ho-dong and Uee) and all the equipment, leaving only the camera on the island still working. CC-BFF 06 063 Later, at a small cooking hut, Hyun-joong cooks up the shrimp, and they all share in their bounty, leaving the best part for him. CC-BFF 06 081

Part 2 The Big Race — kfangurl

KFG-BFF E6 001 At Prambanan Temple, the barefoot friends are divided again into two teams and must complete various challenges at different locations before they catch the last flight at 7pm. If a team fails to make it, they — and their production crew — get left behind. Challenge 1: Each person must take a picture with a foreigner, barefoot and cheek to cheek, in front of the Siwa Temple. Team Jong-shin gets a head-start, with Si-yoon's studious ways coming in handy again. He asks in Bahasa where the Siwa is and is pointed in the right direction. Next, Jong-shin's ability in English helps them get several Canadians to join them for photos. It's too bad, then, that they fail to capture the bare feet with their selcas and have to redo the challenge. KFG-BFF E6 002 Round 1 goes to Team Ho-dong, who move on to: Challenge 2: Take pictures with selected birds at the bird market in 100 seconds. KFG-BFF E6 004 Both teams complete the race in time but have to repeatedly re-do the challenge due to (I'd say overly) strict PDs:

“It should show all of your face.” “Jong-shin's forehead is cut off.” “Jong-shin is in the shade.”

KFG-BFF E6 005 Team Ho-dong completes the challenge first and moves on to: Challenge 3: Ride the horse carriage to the Superman Restaurant, order different foods, and eat everything! Team Ho-dong does fine, but Team Jong-shin accidentally orders sets and struggles to finish. Meanwhile, they worry about missing the plane.

Bum-soo: “I have a live radio show everyday” ... “I have to make it no matter what, for the radio show.” Uh-oh.

Challenge 4: Make 50 butter-grilled corn in front of the Yogyakarta Travel Bureau. KFG-BFF E6 006 Team Ho-dong squeezes through the challenge and makes it to the airport in time: KFG-BFF E6 007 But Team Jong-shin, sadly, doesn't, and — DUN-DUN! — gets left behind. Gulp. KFG-BFF E6 008

Part 3 Lee Hyori and The Home Invasion — Stephanie

Eunhyuk! We missed you! SAK EP6 20 A van reveals Barefoot Friends’ first guest, Lee Hyori — who is apparently mortal enemies with Ho-dong. The intro consists of them bickering and poking fun at each other while the crew keeps score. SAK EP6 9 Backpack time! Good news? Our cast's going on a team-building retreat. Bad news? They have to earn money for the retreat at the stars’ actual homes. Really bad news? Cell phones are confiscated, so people at home can't be warned. I hope it's not laundry day! SAK EP6 13 Teams are chosen by Hyori, choosing first Si-yoon, followed by Ho-dong (this will be fun), Eunhyuk, and Bum-soo. They roll to see whose house is first, and it's Jong-shin, who knows he's about to be in big trouble with his wife. SAK EP6 32 At Jong-shin’s house we meet his three adorable kids while his wife rushes to put on BB cream. Still shocked, she asks the very important question: “Why are you at my house?” What would you do if a camera crew showed up at your house unannounced? ------ Read other hilarious posts in the Barefoot Friends Drama Club series: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial