E6 Scorecard

MVP Award

Stephanie: This week’s MVP is going to be really hard. It's spread out so much this week. kfangurl: ‪Well, we have Hyun-joong rocking the shrimp-catching in Part 1‬. KFG-BFF E6 009 Cherry Cordial: ‪Yeah, Hyun-joong did really well at the beginning, but then it got more spread out.‬ He did well in the photos, using his idol fame with the Japanese tourists. ‪But Jong-shin did well there too, with his English.‬ kfangurl: ‪Si-yoon did well with the tourists too‬. KFG-BFF E6 011 Stephanie: ‪Yeah, in the second part Si-yoon came forward and Hyun-joong stepped back. I loved Si-yoon this episode. He was so freaking cute. CC: ‪Yes, he was... and his studying paid off again, ‪even though his team lost. Stephanie: ‪And he opened the episode‬... kfangurl: ‪With his screams‬. Stephanie: ‪It's so funny how my adoration switches per episode from Si-yoon to Hyun-joong‬. ‪I'm so fickle‬. kfangurl: ‪But is that an MVP thing, the girlish screams and wobbly legs?‬ KFG-BFF E6 010 CC: ‪Nah, screams and wobbly legs are cute, but not MVP material.‬ kfangurl: ‪I liked the sageuk talk though‬. That was spontaneous and fun and witty. CC: ‪Yes, it was. Actually helping the team, which he did in the race, should count, though.‬ Stephanie: ‪I feel like we should hand out a pity MVP. I think Jong-shin should be tossed in there because we know he's going to be KILLED by his wife when the cameras are turned off‬. KFG-BFF E6 014 kfangurl: ‪AWWWW. Poor Jong-shin‬. I do pity him. Stephanie: ‪Like an MVP in memoriam‬. CC: LOL, at least a nomination... Stephanie: ‪He did work very hard in the bird race too‬. ‪And spoke tons of English in the picture challenge‬. KFG-BFF E6 012 kfangurl: ‪His English did come in as very useful‬. Stephanie: ‪I think he's a backseat MVP.‬ You don't think of him right away — but when you do — you remember all the stuff he did. And right now, he's probably already dead. CC: ROFL. Yeah, I see what you mean.‬ kfangurl: ‪LOL! Death by wife-glare. Stephanie: ‪I think it’s the least we could do for him‬. CC: ‪OK, I'll agree to that, now that we've listed all his contributions.‬ And his death... kfangurl: ‪So in memoriam, Jong-shin the MVP‬... KFG-BFF E6 013 Stephanie: ‪YAY!‬ kfangurl: ‪He was a good man‬.

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: My favorite quote this episode is this little exchange that happens in the van, after Team Jong-shin gets the flurry of anxious phone calls from their managers, all urging them to hurry to the airport because they each have full schedules the next day.

Bum-soo: “I'm in trouble. I have an appointment for a facial massage.” Jong-shin: “Forget about the radio show. You should make it for the massage.”

HA! Priorities, y’know. Stephanie: I laughed out loud when Jong-shin got the message mid-challenge that his fee for the show had been deposited into his account.

Jong-shin: “I got my energy back. I just got paid!”

Cherry Cordial: When Si-yoon’s team is on the way to the bird market, as he’s studying his notes and making a battle plan, he narrows his eyes at the camera and says:

Si-yoon: “Bring it on! I got it!”

Go Si-yoon! Fighting!

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: My favorite screenshot has to be Hyun-joong breaking into a random spontaneous dance when his team finds their final tourist for their picture challenge, who happens to be from Hong Kong. Skipping and flailing his arms about wildly, Hyun-joong chants:

“Hong Kong! Hong Kong! Hong Kong!” Too funny.

KFG-BFF E6 003 Stephanie: My Favorite? I was going to go with one of the bird shots, but really? I love Jong-shin’s kids. So freaking cute. SAK EP6 34 Cherry Cordial: Since Stephanie gave up the bird shots, I get my pick of the cute photos that Si-yoon’s team took, and I choose the last one. After multiple attempts, they’re sweaty and tired, but successful. CC-BFF 06 091 What about you? Which were your favorite moments in this episode? Read other hilarious posts in the Barefoot Friends Drama Club series: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial