E6 Throwdown Stephanie: The episode reminded me of this pin:

how to open door

kfangurl: HA! Guess Jong-shin's wife isn't a ninja. Gah, I would've been so upset in her place. Cherry Cordial: I would have been too. My husband would be so dead if he did this. kfangurl: And they pointed out how she was dressed and all too! They did barge in on Tae-woong on his 1N2D initiation episode too, but they told his mother beforehand. SAK EP6 35 CC: I wouldn't like it in any case, but with no warning, it's soooo much worse. Stephanie: I shudder to think what people would find if they just came to my house. Last house showing? I came home and realized I'd left a bra out. And that was after copious amounts of cleaning too. kfangurl: OMG you left your bra out for a house showing? You're so funny! CC: Doh! Stephanie: Not one of my finer moments, so I understand the stars’ worries. SAK EP6 36 kfangurl: This is where it's better if you're living alone. No one would want to kill you. Stephanie: I want to see Si-yoon's and Hyun-joong's house. SQUEE! CC: Yes, I'm wavering between, "But, invasion of privacy!" and "Si-yoon! Hyun-joong!" kfangurl: HAHA! Stephanie: I realized we're such adults here. We're worried about the state of houses. CC: Who wouldn't be? Cavemen? SAK EP6 1 Stephanie: What were we worried about earlier? Oh, the team missing their schedules! kfangurl: I can't stop thinking about it. The real-life consequences, which this show doesn't seem to care about. CC: I know, it's hard for me to enjoy it when I'm cringing inside. Stephanie: It's interesting — this is the first time the cast has had REAL consequences — before they've always wiggled out. CC: And then they don't even tell us how it went. kfangurl: Right — maybe it went bad, so they don't want to show it. KFG-BFF E6 016 Stephanie: "Hyung-nim, I'm hungry!" I'm sad no one acknowledged EunHyuk's return. I'm glad he's with us again, I missed him! kfangurl: Yes, it's weird they didn't acknowledge his return. CC: We all missed him, didn't we? Stephanie: I didn't realize how much I liked him until he was gone. CC: Eunhyuk was funny with the insults, too, this time. kfangurl: He seemed a little out of place, like he felt awkward being back. He was funny. Stephanie: Speaking of funny, I shared a picture of Eunhyuk singing to Cherry. Here? Goofy and cute. SAK EP6 20 Commanding the stage with SuJu? Hot.


Night? Meet Day. CC: Yep, it's quite a difference Stephanie: Same thing with Si-yoon. After seeing him in all his cuteness here — I can no longer imagine making out with him ala Me Too, Flower. It's a sad day. before&after kfangurl: HA! CC: So, do you think this is the real Si-yoon? Or is he still channeling Enrique? kfangurl: I don't think he's channeling Enrique. I'm watching Flower Boy Next Door and there's a difference. Stephanie: kfangurl, when we were watching you said Si-yoon made a comment in sageuk-style. How could you tell? CC: My guess is that it's like us hearing someone talking in Old English. kfangurl: Hm. I don't know how to explain it. KFG-BFF E6 015 Stephanie: Please try to and in a funny way. CC: LOL, you don't ask for much. kfangurl: THE PRESSURE! Mostly it's the parts of speech that get switched out for more archaic and formal structures, and the intonation changes somewhat. When Si-yoon was holding the basket of shrimp, he was talking almost royally, like he was in a palace taking care of treasure. CC: I've heard recappers complain about an actor not speaking correctly in sageuks, but I can't tell the difference yet. Stephanie: It's cool you caught that! I love watching these with you! kfangurl: ~bows~ I do what I can. CC: What will kfangurl teach us next week? kfangurl: OMGGGGG. THE PRESSURE! Whose house are you looking forward to seeing most? ------ Read other hilarious posts in the Barefoot Friends Drama Club series: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial