E7 Lowdown

Part 1 Jong-shin’s House and the Recorders — Cherry Cordial

We start at Jong-shin’s house where they tease his wife about being unprepared for company, and she finally asks, “Why did you come here?” (very good question) and admits she’s upset at the surprise visit. CC-BFF 07 001 Everyone agrees Jong-shin’s in trouble, and he says, “She is an athlete, so she beats me up really good.” During the tour of house, Se-yoon and Bum-soo try out the kid’s playhouse, only to be dragged back out by Jong-shin’s son, since they didn’t ask permission. CC-BFF E07 Playhouse While looking at family photos, Ho-dong claims he was the matchmaker for Jong-shin and his wife, which is confirmed by Jong-shin, “She and I weren’t proactive types.” CC-BFF 07 Matchmaker Next, the teams are given their mission: play a children’s song on recorders in a relay without anyone messing up. Hyori proceeds to harass Ho-dong about the fact that he’s never played a recorder before until he finally goes off by himself to pout and practice. CC-BFF 07 060 Among other issues, Si-yoon and Hyun-joong have problems hitting the “do” note, Jong-shin runs out of breath, Ho-dong's hands are too big for the recorder, and Bum-soo hits a flat. Finally, after eight rounds, Team Hyori gets it right and takes the prize money. Jong-shin’s wife very nicely feeds the cast as they randomly choose the next house to visit. CC-BFF 07 088

Part 2 Uee’s House and Animal Charades — kfangurl

The group heads over to Uee's house next, where her mother is so astonished that she hides behind Uee in stunned surprise. KFG-BFF E7 002 As they chat, Mum is asked to rank the male members of the Barefoot team in terms of son-in-law material. Poor Se-yoon is immediately picked as #7 (aw) while Hyun-joong gets pronounced #1 potential son-in-law. Omo! KFG-BFF E7 003 We then get a peek at Uee's room, where everyone is impressed at her neatness. They also discover Bum-soo's gift of perfume, which he'd apparently given to Uee for her birthday. (Omo?) KFG-BFF E7 005 Then, the teams face their next challenge to win 30,000 won for their trip: animal charades! The gung-ho members take turns to contort themselves like this: KFG-BFF E7 001 in order to enact the imaginative phrases that include: A scarf lizard going over a speed bump (!) An alligator that had a dental implant (!!) Both teams do admirably, with Uee & potential husband #1 Hyun-joong showing some good synergy. To Hyun-joong's awkward mime, Uee guesses correctly, “A mandarin duck that was caught cheating!” (Omo?) Eventually, Hyori's team emerges the winner and everyone settles down for lunch, which Mum ordered. KFG-BFF E7 004 Uee points at the winning team, “Mum, collect money from the five of them.” Yep. They've got all the money!

Part 3 Bum-soo’s House and the Not-So Love Connection — Stephanie

Bum-soo officially has the most orderly house — Ev-ar! The team takes time to poke around, mocking him on his perfectly symmetrical beauty products, bedding, and refrigerator. My favorite is a tossup between auxiliary beauty supplies kept in the refrigerator and Hyori finding the girl’s toothbrush in the bathroom. SAK EP7 04 Task: Get Bum-soo a blind date! Given back their phones, the two teams have to call girl-stars in their phones and get them to agree to a blind date with Bum-soo. Well, this won’t be embarrassing at all for him. But we shouldn’t feel too bad for him considering how picky he is about his ideal woman. SAK EP7 08 First up? Hyori, whose friend Jung Ryeo-won says yes! It only goes downhill from there. SAK EP7 13 Not only is Bum-soo rejected by Hyun-joong’s choice, but so is Eunhyuk. Si-yoon’s the man and totally scores the girl meant for Bum-soo. Down to our last chance, Uee calls on the Bum-soo approved G.Na who quickly agrees to the date. loves of bumsoo Now comes the hard part — Bum-soo has to choose between G.Na and Ryeo-won. Though it costs his own team the point, he goes with G.Na. Off to Si-yoon’s house where we’re met by his mom — who is totally psyched to meet the team. SAK EP7 37 So. Cute. Which Barefoot Friend do you think is the best son-in-law material? Read other hilarious posts in the Barefoot Friends Drama Club series: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial