E7 Scorecard

MVP Award

kfangurl: ‪So MVP‬. ‪Bum-soo for being a good sport?‬ And Hyori for keeping Ho-dong in line? Stephanie: ‪I vote Hyori‬. Cherry Cordial: Stephanie, I never thought I'd see you type those words. Stephanie: ‪I know! You know before this I really didn't care for Lee Hyori. But this episode? She kept Ho-dong in line, she got the date for Bum-soo, and was pretty awesome‬. KFG-BFF E7 008 kfangurl: ‪Um, Si-yoon for being good at guessing very random things in the animal charades?‬ CC: Awww, cute Si-yoon, but what did he do for the rest of the show?‬ kfangurl: ‪Yeah I was grasping at straws a little bit with that one‬. I think it's more between Bum-soo and Hyori. CC: ‪I agree with you on that.‬ Stephanie: ‪Nope. I thought it was pretty clearly Hyori. kfangurl: ‪Well let's give Bum-soo a chance to contest her, just for argument's sake. He was a great sport‬. I'd be upset in his place, being put out there for blind date set-ups in front of the world‬. KFG-BFF E7 010 CC: ‪Yes, he was. Both with the dates and the making fun of his OCD.‬ Stephanie: ‪Eh. All Bum-soo did was be embarrassed at the end. When we gave it to Jong-shin last week, we felt bad for him but were able to back it up with all the other things he did in the episode‬. ‪I couldn't tell you one other thing Bum-soo did‬. CC: ‪I can see what you're saying kfangurl, but I'm with Stephanie on this, Lee Hyori did what we thought couldn't be done...‬ she shut up Ho-dong. KFG-BFF E7 007 Stephanie: ‪LAUGH, and that's a feat, Cherry. kfangurl: ‪I think she did great too.‬ CC: ‪Although, Bum-soo arranging his cosmetics so perfectly in the refrigerator has to count for something. ‬ Stephanie: ‪He sunk his own team‬ — he chose the other team to win!‬ KFG-BFF E7 011 CC: So, not MVP material, then.‬ He chose the other team's girl.‬ kfangurl: ‪HA! ‪Priorities.‬ Stephanie: ‪No wonder team captain Hyori was ticked.‬ CC: ‪She not only lined up a date for him, he then lost the challenge for them.‬ kfangurl: ‪That's true‬. ‪I was ticked too, but more for Ryeo-won.‬ CC: ‪Me, too. She seemed really nice on the phone.‬ kfangurl: ‪Should I feel less sorry for him then?‬ ‪I do agree that Lee Hyori managed with style. ‪I just wanted to give her a little competition‬ by putting Bum-soo in there. CC: Yeah, but in the end, there's no contest.‬ ‪Hyori wins.‬ KFG-BFF E7 006 Stephanie: ‪I'm officially going to have to hand in my Lee Hyori Anti-fan membership.‬ CC: ‪Oh, it's a big day in Kdrama-land.‬

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: My favorite quote is the moment when Uee's mother, picking between Si-yoon and Hyun-joong for #1 potential son-in-law says, “He may not be so smart...” [Everyone applauds for Hyun-joong]

Hyun-joong: “Why do you think that's me?” [gets up anyway] “I'm not smart, but I'm the first! Don't worry, Mother. I'm slightly smarter than Uee.”

Giggle. Stephanie: I think I’ll go with Bum-soo’s gleeful declaration to the screen after scoring an okay from G.Na:

“Mom! I’m going on a blind date!”

Cherry Cordial: During the blind-date sequence, when Jong-shin accidently called his dad:

Bum-soo: “Dad, do you want a blind date?” Jong-shin: “My dad doesn’t like you!”

Awww... Bum-soo just can’t catch a break, can he?

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: I was going to pick a screenshot from the animal charades coz there were so many hilarious moments in there, but I keep coming back to this one, where Jong-shin’s daughter La-oh cries that Uee and her papa are leaving. Aw... she doesn’t want them to go. Melt. KFG-BFF E7 009 Stephanie: Oh Si-yoon — could you be any cuter? I think not. SAK EP7 38 Cherry Cordial: The animal charades were hilarious, and my favorite was Hyun-joong’s lizard impersonation. KFG-BFF E7 013 What about you? Which were your favorite moments in this episode? Read other hilarious posts in the Barefoot Friends Drama Club series: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial