E7 Throwdown Stephanie: Whose house did we like best? I vote for Jong-shin — so warm and cozy! kfangurl: In terms of actual house, I like Jong-shin’s house. Cherry Cordial: Good question... yes, actual house, Jong-shin. I liked Uee’s mother though. And I’d be scared to touch anything at Bum Soo’s. kfangurl: Yeah, he was even rearranging the house slippers when they left. SAK EP7 35 CC: Although, maybe I’d touch stuff just to mess him up. It’d bring out the bad side in me. The side I try to keep hidden from other people. Stephanie: That you like to mess with order and happiness of others? CC: Sometimes I can’t resist poking the bear... but then I get scared and run away. Stephanie: That's best to do after you poke a bear. kfangurl: I thought Jong-shin’s wife did great, hosting AND providing food when she was taken unawares, and with 3 kids in tow — SHE should’ve been nominated MVP. CC: Yes, Jong-shin’s wife was a great sport. Stephanie: Anyone else now ship Uee and Hyun-joon? kfangurl: LOL! They DID have some great chemistry going during charades! And now he’s even mother-in-law approved. Stephanie: Did you see notice Si-yoon resting his head on Ho-dong’s shoulder on the bus? SAK EP7 38 kfangurl: I missed that. CC: If Si-yoon's too aegyo for me to crush on, at least I can squee about how cute he is. Stephanie: Yes. Lets squee together. kfangurl&CC&Stephanie: SQUEEE!!! kfangurl: I like the synergy they seem to have built up from traveling — and suffering — together. CC: The charades were awesome. I was rolling at some of them. Stephanie: Hyun-joong made me laugh-cry with his lizard. KFG-BFF E7 013 kfangurl: Some of the moments were truly priceless. And those charade topics — super hard! CC: I wouldn’t even know where to begin if it were me. kfangurl: Eunhyuk was brilliant as the OCD dung-fly. Stephanie: I'll never look at him the same way after watching him miming pooping. SAK EP7 39 CC: I also loved the acrophobic monkey. kfangurl: Se-yoon and his crazy facial expressions. Stephanie: So, we've had episodes in Korea and abroad. Which do we prefer? CC: I kinda like them being in Korea, but it’s close. I think they have better interactions when they can actually converse with people around them. kfangurl: The traveling did give us some nice exposure to new stuff though. Stephanie: I liked the fish out of water aspect to it. kfangurl: I don’t mind either way, as long as they keep the teams together, and give them room to work their synergy. That’s where the fun comes from. CC-BFF 07 042 CC: Yeah, don’t split them out into splinter groups. Stephanie: I like seeing them fighting against each other. Here's hoping we get more! I can’t believe we’re seven episodes in. kfangurl: Time flies when you’re gazing at Hyun-joong?? Stephanie: I hope Barefoot Friends sticks around. I need my weekly fix of Si-yoon and Hyun-joong. CC: Yes, I’d like to see Si-yoon and Hyun-joong on a regular basis, too, but I want better editing. And not just long camera shots on Hyun-joong. CC-BFF 07 053 kfangurl: Those are pretty though. CC: That doesn’t count as good editing. Even though they’re pretty. Stephanie: You know what would make this show better? More long camera shots of Hyun-joong. CC: I’m not quite sure it would, actually. Stephanie: I think everything could be made better if it had more Hyun-joong. kfangurl: I think giving us more Pretty is only a band aid sort of fix. I want actual improvement in editing. Stephanie: There’s probably some sort of scientific study out there how pictures of Hyun-joong could bring about world peace, cure hunger, solve the rubix cube... CC: I see we won’t convince Stephanie. Stephanie: Nope. CC: She’s a lost cause. CC-BFF 07 085 kfangurl: We should ship her off to Hyun-joong — once we know his address from the next episode? CC: Ooh, good idea. Do you prefer the Barefoot Friends to travel or stay in Korea? Read other hilarious posts in the Barefoot Friends Drama Club series: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial