E8 Lowdown

Part 1 Si-yoon’s House — Cherry Cordial

We start at Si-yoon’s house, where he cautiously opens his door, calling “Oma!” His mother comes down the hallway, and it’s cute how excited she is to meet all the Barefoot Friends. CC-BFF 08 007 Sitting down to talk, Ho-dong is overjoyed to hear that he’s Si-yoon’s mom’s ideal type. CC-BFF 08 012

Si-yoon: “Mom, you shouldn’t be so obvious about it!”

Mom and grandma share sweet, embarrassing stories about what a good kid Si-yoon was (I’m not surprised), and mom tears up when she admits she couldn’t afford to send him to math tutoring as a child. (awww...) CC-BFF 08 027

Se-yoon: “Now we can no longer tease him because of you.” (ha!)

They tour his bedroom, where everyone teases him about his girly decor. Then it’s off to his library, and everyone is in awe of his book collection. CC-BFF 08 Si-yoon Bedroom Library Challenge! Rival team members sit on either side of an open dictionary and try to turn pages by blowing on them. After 15 seconds, the one who turned the most pages wins. Ho-dong talks big, but loses horribly to Hyun-joong. Hyori beats Uee with... bad breath? Si-yoon and Se-yoon get up close and personal, and Si-yoon prevails. Finally, Eunhyuk uses a unique rapid-attack successfully against Jong-shin. CC-BFF 08 Dictionary Challenge After all is said and done, Team Hyori leaves with 70,000 won plus an extra 50,000 from Eunhyuk’s side challenges.

Part 2 Eunhyuk’s House — kfangurl

On the way to Eunhyuk's house, we find out that it's been a month since Eunhyuk's been home (aw) and that he doesn't have a key nor know the passcode. He's nervous walking to the main access gate, “I feel strange going to my own home.” Aw. KFG-BFF E8 001 Eunhyuk's family is home, and everyone sits down to hear a little bit about Eunhyuk growing up:

Noona: “He's rich”... “He bought us the house and cars.” Mum: “He obeys his parents.” Sweet boy.

Next, we get a peek at Eunhyuk's room, which has a mural of Paris on it. KFG-BFF E8 002

Eunhyuk: “I have such good memories of my time there.” Hyori [teasing]: “You must have met her in Paris.” Ha.

Challenge time: “Push your opponent's forehead with your index finger until he or she falls down.” First up: Hyori vs. Se-yoon. Hyori defeats Se-yoon in 1.3 seconds flat, and a bemused Se-yoon blurts out, “That was sexy.” Ha. KFG-BFF E8 003 The teams go a few rounds, with the final match between Ho-dong and Hyun-joong. Hyun-joong protests at Ho-dong's large fingers, “Our fingers aren't the same size.” Indeed. KFG-BFF E8 004 Team Hyori emerges the winner, snagging the prize of 90,000 won. Eunhyuk's mum serves up delicious spicy noodles for dinner, and everyone eats happily. KFG-BFF E8 005

Part 3 Hyun-joong’s House and the Race to the Retreat — Stephanie

Kim Hyun-joong's house! I can die a happy lady. We get a tour of his bachelor pad complete with a skull, entertainment systems, fridge packed with booze, and music room. No books other than comic books here — to which he readily admits — "Yeah, I don't like reading." Si-yoon is envious of the decor — "Maybe I should redecorate in monotones!" Raiding Hyun-joong's large and almost completely black closet, the team find various outfits to wear. Who wore it best? Barefoot friends makeover The girls astound the boys with their sexy sleepwear choices, and Se-Yoon goes all paparazzi on them. Off to bed, but not before some light exercising to "Harlem Shake." So cute! SAK EP8 17 Hyun-joong gives up his bed to the girls, and Hyori records UEE snoring. "Guess I can't get married now." The boys tease Hyun-joong that he should never wash that bedsheet. Off to Mt Jiri! The two teams are split up and offered one of two choices: go to the retreat via the car provided (no GPS allowed) — or find their own way there via other means. First one to the retreat wins! Team Hyori chooses the car and off they go, leaving Team Jong-shin trying to hitchhike. SAK EP8 26 Assured of their win, Team Hyori entertain themselves in the car by comparing gum smiles, getting Si-yoon to sing for them (squee), and more Ho-dong bashing. Arriving at their location, they swoop into the village leader’s yard to celebrate their win. But who's that holding the cameras? SAK EP8 37 TEAM JONG-SHIN for the win! Which means they get the bulk of the remaining cash, leaving Team Hyori scrambling for a place to stay. Jong-shin generously offers to let them stay as servants to the victors. Everyone accepts except Ho-dong — who stubbornly stays outside — with all the cameras. SAK EP8 42 So who's the winner now? Which part made you laugh the hardest? Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial