E8 Scorecard

MVP Award

Stephanie: This one is going to be super hard. Cherry Cordial: ‪Yeah, it is. I'm trying to figure out who stood out in this one.‬ Eunhyuk for the book challenge. He had to be soooo dizzy by the end. KFG-BFF E8 007 Stephanie: ‪He was freaking hilarious during the book challenge‬. His form made me laugh so hard. kfangurl: I ‪loved his page turning technique‬. CC: ‪Yes, that was unexpectedly awesome‬. Stephanie: ‪What about Uee? Someone mentioned we don't think of her‬. kfangurl: Uee tried hard this episode, but she didn't exactly do great. She kept losing to Hyori. KFG-BFF E8 009 CC: ‪Uee is coming out of her shell more, which I like.‬ But did she do enough for MVP?‬ Stephanie: I say no. She didn't actually win anything. CC: ‪Hyun-joong let everybody sleep at his house and wear his clothes. Does that count?‬ KFG-BFF E8 010 Stephanie: ‪He was quite the gracious host. And had lots of bedding for a man alone‬. CC: ‪And he let the girls have his bed‬. Stephanie: And he did win the first book round. KFG-BFF E8 008 CC: ‪Yes, and he won a forehead challenge‬. kfangurl: ‪And he did persuade the village head to give them a ride‬, and that ride got them the win‬, so that did a lot for his team. KFG-BFF E8 011 Stephanie: ‪Yeah, without him they wouldn't have gotten that ride‬. kfangurl: ‪That ride was key‬. CC: It was‬. Stephanie: ‪I want to say we're too predictable by continually choosing him, but he's been awesome‬. kfangurl: ‪We haven't chosen him that much‬. ‪Just oohed and ahhed at him mostly‬... He only got MVP one other time. CC: He was good.‬ Stephanie: ‪Well then. I vote Hyun-joong. He was consistently awesome, useful, and beautiful. KFG-BFF E8 006 CC: ‪Yeah, he deserves it for letting Ho-dong stretch his shirt. ‬I'll vote Hyun-joong, too, then.‬ kfangurl: Hyun-joong, you're our MVP! Sorry, we don't give MVPs money to buy new shirts‬.

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: My favorite is when the team is leaving Eunhyuk’s house. Eunhyuk's sweet mother, grinning shyly at Si-yoon, says, “I can't believe I met Kim Tak Goo here.” Aw, she’s a fan. So cute! Stephanie: No surprise mine has to be: Hyun-joong saying “I'll let you sleep at my house for 10,000.” To which I say — “Do you take Visa?” Cherry Cordial: When Eunhyuk was choosing books for each of the cast:

“This is for Se-yoon. ‘Sometimes I’m sane.’”

But I’m guessing most times, he’s not, right?

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: I couldn’t help going all melty at Si-yoon this episode, he’s just really sweet and so likable. I love this moment, when he’s all embarrassed about Mum talking about him. A.dor.able. KFG-BFF E8 012 Stephanie: I think this needs no explanation. SAK EP8 1 Cherry Cordial: I was rolling when Team Hyori got to the village head’s house and took forever to realize that Team Jong-shin got there first and were hiding among the crew. SAK EP8 32 So which were your favorite moments this episode? More Barefoot Friends Drama Club Posts: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial