E8 Throwdown Stephanie: I think this was the most consistently entertaining episode yet! They really stepped up their editing game. kfangurl: It was better than the others, I have to agree. Cherry Cordial: Editing-wise, I have a little problem with the grocery cut, but it’s not big. SAK EP8 22 kfangurl: Yes, that was weird. But minor compared to previous episodes. Stephanie: And the soundtrack was awesome! It had a lot of my favorite songs. CC: Except for Harlem Shake... if they never play it again, I’ll be happy. kfangurl: YES. Stephanie: But overall? Best yet. I laughed so freaking hard. CC: Yes, I laughed throughout. kfangurl: Some of the games were pretty hysterical. Stephanie: And Si-yoon just made me a warm puddle of goo. CC: And his mom... she was crying. So sweet. SAK EP8 28 kfangurl: I went a bit melty over Si-yoon, I hafta admit. Such a sweet boy. Stephanie: I got misty in parts, like when Si-yoon’s mom was talking about not being able to afford to send him to study. And then when Eunhyuk said he hadn’t been home in a month and didn’t know the password to get in. Their lives aren’t that easy. kfangurl: Yes, that was pretty poignant. CC: Yeah, I like having my home base, and I wouldn’t like to be away that often. I wonder how they deal with it? kfangurl: It’s the side we don’t often get to see, the hard parts of their lives. Stephanie: I loved Si-yoon’s library. CC: <sigh> me too. kfangurl: I loved that he had a book he loved to ribbons. KFG-BFF E8 015 CC: I have books like that. Stephanie: I was a little weirded out by his girly room. kfangurl: I think his room isn’t his doing... toys are from fans, and probably his mum keeps it clean and tidy when he’s not there — including choosing the bedding. CC: Well, he could like the colorful bedding and stuff. kfangurl: I liked how ordinary Si-yoon’s house is. Stephanie: We missed two houses. How do we feel about that? CC: Yes, Se-yoon and Ho-dong. Hmmm... if they needed to cut for time, I’m fine with that. I’m glad they addressed it, though. Rather than just skipping. Stephanie: Speaking of Se-yoon — we should talk about him. He was one of my favorites from the beginning, so I’m sad he’s leaving. When do you think they are going to make the switch? SAK EP8 12 kfangurl: Se-yoon was pretty awesome this episode, I’ll be sad to see him go. CC: When did the DUI happen? Not sure what they were filming. Stephanie: A few weeks ago. CC: If it’s between this challenge and the next, I’d think after next week. Stephanie: Downside — we lose our friend. Upside — we get a new friend? kfangurl: Eun Ji-won’s great at variety. CC: Last I heard his management said he was still considering. kfangurl: I’d hedge too, if I was his management company, ratings-wise. CC: But yes, I’ve heard he’s good at variety, and he’s worked with Ho-dong before. So there’s already chemistry. KFG-BFF E8 035 kfangurl: I loved him in 1N2D. He’s quick, smart, witty, and funny. Stephanie: I’m looking forward to seeing more of him — so I’m no longer as sad. CC: I’ve only ever seen him in Answer Me 1997, so it’ll be new for me. Stephanie: I liked how the guys said “don’t leave us” to Hyori. I wouldn’t have thought I’d agree but I’ll miss her. CC: I will too. She’s grown on me. kfangurl: She’s very good, and she’s cool about the whole thing, like, she never gets overly flustered. SAK EP8 27 CC: Uee’s getting better, but she’s still not as strong a personality, and I like seeing a strong female personality with all these guys around. Stephanie: I think it’s because of Hyori and the competition between the two that Uee’s becoming bolder. kfangurl: Yeah, there’s more room for girl vs. girl. Stephanie: The dance-off between the two was so funny. kfangurl: The wave? CC: Yeah, Uee’s wave vs. Hyori’s was funny. kfangurl: I like hyori’s more retro take on the wave. She’s got a good-natured bent to her, which I really like. Stephanie: Sounds like we all agree... HYORI DON’T GO! What do you think about our soon-to-be newest friend, Eun Ji Won? Good choice? Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial