E9 Lowdown

Part 1 Food — Stephanie

We pick up where we left off last week, with Ho-Dong as the only holdout, refusing to join Team Jong-shin. With his remaining 7,000 won he's sent off to find his own food. In town he's not above trying to steal ice-cream from babies or pizza from adolescents, but both prove to be too wily for him, and he's left to wander the stream, hungry and alone. SAK EP9 40 Team Hyori is put to work in order to earn their supper and beds. Eunhyuk and Se-yoon head off to find rice, and Si-yoon and Hyun-joong are off to plead side dishes from neighbors in exchange for autographs and photos. SAK EP9 27 They stop on the side of the road, where they grill each other about ex-girlfriends. Despite Hyun-joong's efforts, Si-yoon won't confirm that his ex was a celebrity. All we learn is when they embraced, she came up to about here: SAK EP9 31 Thwarted, he moves on to ideal girls, and Si-yoon claims Uee as his type while Hyun-joong says Hyori is his. Well, there goes our Hyun-joong/Uee schemes from the other week. Hyun-joong proceeds to act as a real hyung and schools Si-yoon on the art of picking up women. SAK EP9 28 Back at camp, all the ingredients come together, and everyone settles in for a nice family meal. All except Ho-dong, who pridefully insists he's already eaten using his 7,000 won. SAK EP9 08 Hyori isn't fooled though and, picking his pocket, reveals his ruse. They all insist he join them — even making room at the table so his back isn't to the camera. Awwww.....

Part 2 Getting to Know You.... — Cherry Cordial

Hyori gathers our Barefoot Friends together and tells them they’re too polite with each other, so she’s gonna have them play a game to loosen up. KFG-BFF E9 019 Previously, everyone wrote phrases that lifted them up or brought them down, now they have to guess each other’s ups and downs. First is Ho-dong Up: They guess sentimental, romantic, and successful, with Hyun-joong throwing out a hilarious guesses like “He’s better than Yoo Jae Suk” and “Your head is smaller than I thought”, but they’re all wrong. Eunhyuk gets the correct answer with “You are sexy!” (awwww...) Down: These days you’re in crisis (Se-yoon). Si-yoon Up: You have good sense. (Jong-shin: “I said that because I never thought I’d say it again.”) Down: What are you doing these days? (Se-yoon) KFG-BFF E9 035 Eunhyuk Up: You are mine. (Se-yoon) Uee practices: “Oppa, you are mine from now on,” and Eunhyuk blushes. Down: You are stale. (Jong-shin) He said he’s heard that about his looks. (awwww...) KFG-BFF E9 041 Jong-shin Up: You will last thin and long. (Se-yoon) Jong-shin: “I like the philosophy of being soft and flexible.” Down: You were here? (Eunhyuk) (awww...) Se-yoon Up: You are lovable. (Si-yoon) Ho-dong: That’s not right. (hee) Down: This time you were funny. (Ho-dong) CC-Adorable Se-yoon2 Uee Up: You are the best! (Jong-shin) Down: Don’t overdo it! (Si-yoon: “I got that answer because I see pretty girls hearing that a lot no matter what they do.”) (Oh, good save, Si-yoon.) What?! No answers from Hyun-joong or Bum-soo? I’m disappointed, but it’s understandable if they’re pushed for time. It’s time for bed, and Ho-dong has no money for lodging, so he’s preparing to sleep outside the door... in the rain. Everybody tries to get him to come inside with no luck, until Hyori offers to sleep next to him. She finally convinces him, but he’ll only sleep on the floor right inside the door. KFG-BFF E9 054

Part 3 Waterfall — kfangurl

The Friends wake up the next morning all slow and sleepy after the long day before. Despite Ho-dong's best efforts to persuade Hyori, she doesn’t seem keen on going to the waterfall.

Ho-dong: “You’re in a bad mood this morning huh?” Hyori [without hesitation]: “Yes.”

KFG-BFF E9 002 The team takes a stroll to the next location: Waterfall! It's cold (15C/59F), and the team climbs the rocks gingerly. Ho-dong volunteers to go in the water first, and no one accepts his invitation to join him. Undeterred, he psyches up with a wrestling pose and some warm-ups — including rubbing himself down with the cold water, ha! KFG-BFF E9 003 Next up, Hyun-joong! His mantra? “Let's not catch cold!” Hee. Very practical indeed. He appears cautious and a bit hesitant going over the rocks, until the girls call out, “You're so sexy!” ... “So cool!” And sure enough, the cool sexy turns on for a quick moment, before he stumbles on the slippery rocks: KFG-BFF E9 004 When Uee gets ready to take her turn, Se-yoon yells for his handphone and gets in paparazzi position. Pfft. Some things never change: KFG-BFF E9 005 The Friends take turns in the water, each with a different strategy, while other friends shout encouragement, “You're alive, you're alive!” Ha. Check out the Friends' waterfall poses! waterfall collage Which Barefoot Friend do you think had the best waterfall moves?   More Barefoot Friends Drama Club Posts: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial