E9 Scorecard

MVP Award

Stephanie: MVP is going to be hard. Hmm… unless we go with Hyori. Cherry Cordial: I know, another week where there's no clear winner. And, yes, I did consider Hyori again, since I said more than once that I'll miss her. Stephanie: She cooked, picked Ho-dong's pocket, and led the game really well. OH. And most importantly — she was on camera with NO MAKE UP. CC: I know! I was so proud of her. CC-BFF 09 002 kfangurl: I was impressed by that too... though Uee also didn't wear makeup right? CC: I think so. Don't know why it made such an impression that Hyori didn't. kfangurl: She didn't go under the falls though... which I thought was a little odd since, up to that point, she didn't miss out on any of the stuff the team has done. Stephanie: I'd say if there were any place that you should pull your star card it was jumping into a freezing cold pool. Like, “Uh. No. Not gonna, can't make me.” kfangurl: HAHA! CC: I was expecting her to have a go, too, since everyone else did. Stephanie: Well, I think jumping in the pool really was like a BFF team-building exercise, and she's not officially a friend. CC: I did think it was odd, but thought it was all about the BFF team, too. KFG-BFF E9 068 kfangurl: That's how I rationalized it too, though I would've given her serious points if she'd done it. CC: Yep, there would've been a clear winner then. As it is, she's a contender, based on it being her last episode. Stephanie: I think even without the dive, she's pretty clear above everyone else. CC: And when she told Ho-dong it was the last time, I felt so sad. Stephanie: Cherry and I were talking about that — we started out really not liking Hyori and, in the course of these episodes, have gotten to really like her. That's skills. KFG-BFF E9 016 kfangurl: I liked how she kept hugging Ho-dong and how Ho-dong kept looking distressed by it. CC: Yes, she showed that she could be sweet to him too, not just bicker. Although, you saw how worried Ho Dong was when she was sweet. kfangurl: Yes, she doesn't seem malicious at all. She always comes across as just playing, but playing hard. She's no softie, that Hyori. Stephanie: So — I think in honor of her last episode we should totally give it to her. She earned it. Otherwise, I'm just going to vote Hyun-joong again — don't make me do it! kfangurl: Yes, I'll vote Hyori. She's one kickass gal. CC: lol, what a threat, Steph. OK, you got me. I'll vote for Hyori!

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: My favorite quote happens when the team members all try to persuade Ho-dong to sleep inside. Hyori, barely concealing a cheeky grin, pipes up to Ho-dong’s embarrassment:

“Oppa, want me to sleep next to you?” AND, she proceeds to demonstrate, too. Snicker.

Stephanie: I snorted when Hyun-joong says:

“Do you want to trade kimchi for Si-yoon’s autograph?” I just think it’s so funny he offers up Si-yoon instead of himself.

Cherry Cordial: While guessing Uee’s Up words, Si-yoon says, “You are really pretty.” Then Hyori says to him:

Hyori [flirtatiously]: You look really pretty saying that. Ho-dong [to Hyori]: You are pathetic. Hyori [pouting]: I don’t get to see handsome men these days.

Hyori, for the record, I completely agree with you!

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: I couldn’t get over this cute moment, where Si-yoon pulls Hyun-joong to him in an embrace. Giggle. And, SQUEE!!! KFG-BFF E9 001 Stephanie: Seriously guys. How could I choose anything other than Si-yoon hugging Hyun-joong. Wait. What? kfangurl already snagged that one?? G-dang it! Fine. Second choice? KFG-BFF E9 061 For the obvious fan-girl moment. Cherry Cordial: With my new appreciation for Hyori, mine has to be her reverse psychology when she offers to sleep next to Ho-dong if he insists on sleeping outside. KFG-BFF E9 054 Kinda sweet in her unique, Hyori way. Question: Who would have been WAY more excited to find two stars on your doorstep?


And Now for Our Goodbyes

Well, faithful readers, our time as your Barefoot Friends team has come to an end. We've had lots of fun talking with one another and with you — not to mention squeeing over Kim Hyun-joong.

Let’s all hope together that our show — and our dear Barefoot Friends — does well!


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