E9 Throwdown Stephanie: At first I didn't think I liked this episode because I was looking for it to be just as funny as 8 — but as the episode went along, once I stepped back and realized it didn't need to be on-the-floor funny — I loved it. Stephanie: Watching this with Cherry, there were so many awwwww... moments. We were awwww....ing all over the place. kfangurl: There was a lot of sharing and closeness this episode, which I liked. Cherry Cordial: I actually liked the game. It could have been boring, if they’d messed up the editing, but they didn’t. KFG-BFF E9 045 kfangurl: I thought the conversation between Hyun-joong and Si-yoon was really cute. CC: It was! Stephanie: They were the reason why I started to watch this show, and for the first time, we got to see them interacting one-on-one. CC: Where did that even come from? And the hug... awwww... kfangurl: I know! SAK EP9 31 CC: Hyun-joong giving dating advice? kfangurl: One of his random quirks, maybe. It was so hyung of him, to start that conversation. Being all senior and advice-y. CC: I know. They're same age, right? Stephanie: Hyun-joong’s a few months older. kfangurl: It was the attitude though, it felt very hyung-like. Stephanie: Um. About that advice. Did anyone else think it was very... kdrama-hero-ass-hatty? Tell her to do work, don't be nice to her, and she'll be interested? kfangurl: YES. Wonder if that's where he gets his inspiration? Acting in Playful Kiss? His character WAS very mean and got the girl. KFG-BFF E9 059 CC: Not saying being an ass-hat doesn't work with some girls, but do you really want that to be your relationship? Stephanie: Most Kdrama heroes are like that. Yet we still love them, so maybe he's right! CC: Yeah, but in real life, there's gotta be more than that. Stephanie: Well, if it got me Hyun-joong... CC: We'll forgive a drama hero a lot that we wouldn't a real boyfriend. KFG-BFF E9 062 Stephanie: No. you're right — pretty only lasts so long before I started kicking butt. kfangurl: Coz we're not the ones suffering from his jerkiness? CC: I think so, kfangurl. Stephanie: I have to admit to my total fangirl moment. When they slow-mo’ed Kim Hyun-joong at the falls and played Almost Paradise? I'm so embarrassed for myself. kfangurl: Except he kept slipping on the rocks! KFG-BFF E9 078 CC: That was an odd moment for me, because sometimes I totally forget he was in Boys Over Flowers. He seems like such a different person. kfangurl: He's much more interesting in real life. Or at least, variety version of real life. It took me completely by surprise to find him so funny. And interesting. And random. Stephanie: I've enjoyed this opportunity to “meet” him. CC: I like his real life personality much better than his characters. Stephanie: He killed it during the game — which gave me a big case of the awww…’s. CC: I felt bad for them during the game, but we learned so much about them. I liked it. Stephanie: At first I was bored, but then I got into the spirit of the game and enjoyed the quiet moments. KFG-BFF E9 047 kfangurl: Objectively, I did feel the game went on rather long, but I liked the way it gave us insight into each member CC: Yep, that's why I'm giving it a little leeway. kfangurl: I like how gung-ho they were, at just jumping in and stabbing in the dark. It shows how much they've gelled together, to play this kind of game in such a gung-ho manner. Stephanie: Hyun-joong didn’t worry about hurt feelings. CC: No, he didn’t. I was amused at Si-yoon trying to guess Uee's — that's not how you get the girl, dude. KFG-BFF E9 051 kfangurl: Yes, especially in the context of the conversation with Hyun-joong earlier! CC: I know, but Si-yoon turned it around in the end, I think. Stephanie: Hmm.... win or tick off the person who's your ideal? I like that he went for the win. CC: lol, you would. kfangurl: Though I think Cherry’s right, he did turn it around later, by guessing all the nice stuff too. KFG-BFF E9 027 Stephanie: But which would you remember at the end? CC: Well, the bad was last, but by the end, he said he'd heard it from other girl idols and thought it was unfair. Stephanie: Nice cover. kfangurl: That was smart. Si-yoon's a clever boy. CC: Cute and adorkable. KFG-BFF E9 073 Stephanie: Adorkable. Exactly. I give this episode three awwww...’s and a squee! CC: Sounds about right. kfangurl: All around, a solid episode: adorkable Si-yoon, dating advice, Friends getting closer, AND Hyun-joong in a wet t-shirt. Very solid indeed. CC: Hyun-joong in a wet t-shirt isn't something to be taken lightly. KFG-BFF E9 061 Stephanie: No, no it's not. kfangurl: On three: RAWR Stephanie: ONE, TWO, THREEE! kfangurl: RAWRRRR!! Stephanie: RAWR! CC: Rawr!!! Would you put up with a Kdrama hero? ---- More Barefoot Friends Drama Club Posts: Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial