Barefoot Friends Kim Hyun Joong was unable to hide his glow about UEE’s comment that he was her ideal man. Broadcasted on the 12th on SBS's Good Sunday: Barefoot Friends, the Barefoot Friends members’ day at work was revealed in action this time in Jakarta, Indonesia. The members worked in the marketplace by carrying out luggage ("gen dong") and met up afterwards to discuss, and Kim Hyun Joong was chosen as the member who made the most money.  Upon talking about sharing money, Kim Hyun Joong ascended the throne as dictator at once. Everyone made flattering comments in order to lean on Kim Hyun Joong. Yoon Jong Shin stated, “When Kim Hyun Joong debuted, I said ‘Double-S 501’ while everyone else said ‘S-S-501.’ Yoon Shi Yoon claimed, “When I was wondering whether to join this program, I decided to do so because of Kim Hyun Joong.” UEE hit the spot by saying, “My ideal guy has changed while filming ‘Barefoot Friends,” and stated Kim Hyun Joong has become her ideal type. Kim Hyun Joong smiled and shouted out “UEE's cool!” at her ideal statement. What's been your favorite moment in Barefoot Friends so far? Tell us in the comments below! (source: nate news)