Cheer Up! premiered yesterday with a solid first episode. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered along with Jung Eun Ji as her character Kang Yeon Doo battles injustice at her school. Eunji is just so likable that you can't help but root for her characters, and the beautiful eye smile that lights up her entire face is a big part of her charm. I couldn't help but notice that Eunji wasn't the only one with a strong eye smile in the series, though. Her costar Lee Won Geun (playing the school's top student Kim Yeol) has some eye smile game of his own. Of course, this leads us to the question of who reigns supreme as the Cheer Up eye smile champion!

Now, anyone who ever watched America's Next Top Model is familiar with Tyra Banks's famous "smize," or smiling with the eyes. It basically means that you keep your eyes intense, even with a straight face, kind of like this:


I always found the smize more creepy than joyful (but really — whose eyes look like that when they smile? Serial killers? Disney villains?), but I guess nobody's about to tell Tyra that.

When we're talking about eye smiles, however, we're not talking about Tyra's version. We're talking about eyes forming their own half-moon shape as someone smiles, making it look like their entire face is covered in smiles. 

Please view exhibit A and one of my all-time favorite eye smilers, GOT7's JB:


Eat your heart out, Tyra!

So now we come to today's eye-smiling competitors. First up, we have Eunji, whose eye smiling prowess is known far and wide:

How can you possibly have a bad day when you see this radiant smile?

Seriously, this girl could probably eye smile in her sleep

Eunji is a tough competitor for even a veteran eye smiler to beat, but wait! Her costar isn't exactly an eye smiling slouch himself:

Wait, WHAT? Where have these eyes been all my life?

I could totally see him using this mischievous little grin to get away with stuff as a kid. Who could discipline this face?

Phew! That's a pretty tough match! If you're still undecided, let's give each of them a chance to show off their eye smiles in Cheer Up:

On point as always, Eunji!

Lee Won Geun isn't ready to go down without a fight either!

So who do you crown as the eye smile champion of Cheer Up? Cast your vote in the comments. Aw, let's be honest: what would really be the best is having them both eye smile at each other at the same time! 


If you want to see these bright smiles in action, check out the premiere of Cheer Up below: