by KrisE: Right now there’s like this mega surge of Idols in kDrama. We’ve got Micky Yoochun of JYJ starring in Rooftop Prince, Infinite’s L just wrapped up Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Girls Generation members, Yoona in Love Rain and Yuri in Fashion King. PLUS Summer is about to get even hotter with JYJ’s Jaejoong filming his latest Historical drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” and SS501’s Leader, Kim Hyun Joong, making his acting comeback in the upcoming drama, “City Conquest.” So all of this kDrama Idolness got me wondering which Idol turned actor is my favorite? I’ve listed 7 Idol dudes below and out of all of them I chose Yoochun as my fav Idol turned Actor because I just love him in these Historical-ish roles! Soooo who are you gonna pick?! 1. Group – JYJ - Kim Jaejoong- Gorgeous as usual and surprisingly funny and natural in “Protect the Boss,” his latest is the upcoming Historical Drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” 2. Group - JYJ – Micky Yoochun – Currently starring in the hilarious historical meets modern drama Rooftop Prince, Yoochun entertains with lots of Aegyo and flashbacks in Historical wear that make any Sungkyunkwan Scandal fan pray for a part 2! Group – CN BLUE -  Jung Yong Hwa – Leader of ultra-cool rock band CN BLUE, Yong Hwa’s coolness and charisma seemed to seep into his roles both in You’re Beautiful and most recently Heartstrings. I personally adored him in Heartstrings and hope to see him in another drama soon! Group – CN BLUE – Kang Min Hyuk- How cute was Min Hyuk in “Heartstrings”??!! He made me totally re-arrange my bias list and create a new category! o_0 Anyway, yes, you can catch him in the currently airing weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family” a.k.a “Unexpected You.” Group – SS501 – Kim Hyun Joong – Do I really have to explain? I mean we all know Leader starred in the mega popular Boys Over Flowers, played a character I seriously wouldn’t date in Playful Kiss, and most recently it has been confirmed KHJ will be in a new drama “City Conquest.”  Group – Infinite – L – With his intense stare and mischievous smile, how could you not love watching L in the recently completed Shut Up Flower Boy Band ?! I hope his next role is a lead and maybe as a rich successor with a bad attitude? Can you see it!? I can! Group – FT Island – Lee Hong Ki – Everyone loves Hong Ki as Jeremy in “You’re Beautiful” so much that I swear some don’t even know his real name -_- But he was totally cute right!? Every time I see or hear “Angelina Jolie” I think of Jeremy’s dog, not the actress! His most recent drama was 2011’s “Noriko Goes to Seoul.”  Now you’ve got the list so it’s time to choose! Oh yah! Next week is the girl’s edition so leave the name of a female Idol turned Actress you wanna see in the poll in the comment box below! [poll id="43"] KrisE! & Follow me @K_Kisses_KrisE For more fun kdrama polls, click here!