Already Korea's top-selling beer, Hite doesn't really need Song Joong-Ki's help to sell its products, but no harm done with him on their side! After the recent announcement that the actor would be the company's spokesmodel, fans bombarded Hite with requests for a special beer dedicated to the star. And sure enough, Hite did just that, releasing a Song Joong-Ki special edition can of beer for a limited time only, decorated with his face, autograph, and a special "Be happy" message from the superstar himself.

There is nothing this man can't sell, as everything he touches really does seem to turn to gold. The company that's now reaping the benefits of another Song Joong-Ki endorsement is the Hite Brewing Company, located in Seoul. Despite already dominating the beer and soju market, the company brought the superstar actor on board, and the move seems to have been the right one to make. Because of Song Joong-Ki's immense popularity, Hite has released a very limited edition Song Joong-Ki beer - a "Hite Extra Cold" that will be available in select retailers and convenience stores through the end of June. 

By having the international superstar grace their cans, Hite hopes that sales improve even more. "We hope more domestic and foreign customers enjoy our light and easy-to-drink beer through this special edition," said the company's marketing director. 

I'm sure Song Joong Ki fans will be enjoying every sip.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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