Someone toss me a lifesaver because I’m drowning in the hotness of Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk shirtless for the ‘No Breathing’ movie poster! This poster is absolutely amazing! First of all Lee Jong Suk is winking at us, smiling, showing off his perfect jawline and collar bone plus I see thighs!

Seo In Guk meanwhile is grabbing a chunk of hair that so many of you fan girls and boys wish you could do! He’s also showing off his new extremely defined jaw line (weight loss does wonders) and he has a whistle in his mouth.

I’m so thankful for this poster, I feel like I need to make a speech! First off I’d like to thank the writers for coming up with such an ingenious storyline involving water and hot guys. Second I’d really like to thank the parents of Lee Jong Suk, Seo In Guk and the rest of the cast for creating their beautiful spawn.

I’d also like to thank my boyfriend (Lee Jong Suk but he doesn’t know it yet! -_-) for being absolute perfection in every way, including being prettier than me and probably all my DF besties.

Finally I’d like to say I’m happy this movie, which is about two national swimming rivals (LJS and SIG) is coming out on my birthday, October 31st. It’s the best gift ever even though we won’t be able to watch it right away unless one of you can get an English subbed bootlegged version. Someone? Anyone? #NoStopItsIllegal #DoItIKnowNothing

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE