actress Top actresses such as Song Hye Gyo, Go Hyun Jung, Han Ga In, and even Kim Yoo Jung are currently experiencing BIG BANG-itis. They have publicly announced that they are big fans of BIG BANG, creating a powerful nuna-fan club amongst the actresses. During an interview for That Winter the Wind Blows, Song Hye Gyo revealed, "I like the group Big Bang the best. When I listen to songs by Big Bang, my energy flows all over. The free atmosphere that they show is attractive. Unfortunately, I haven't gone to any concerts yet." But the first actress to admit her love for BIG BANG was Han Ga In, when she revealed her phone album full of BIG BANG pictures. She even had her wallpaper set as G-Dragon while admitting that she was "BIG BANG's biggest fan." She also visited G-Dragon's concert last month, and she was spotted by VIPs rooting for G-Dragon in the standing area. Go Hyun Jung also said that she had personally invited BIG BANG to guest on her talk show, GO Show. The production director told, "MC Go Hyun Jung likes BIG BANG's song and because she had high interest in BIG BANG, we were able to have them on the show." The love for BIG BANG didn't stop there when child actress Kim Yoo Jung picked T.O.P as her ideal man. Paying back the love that they have been receiving, YG Entertainment representatives commented that BIG BANG members are very thankful for the support that these top actresses are giving to the group and they are very surprised as well when they spot them at their concerts. (Source: