The drama series, Deja Vu, has been getting the #1 rating in Taiwan for its time slot. The beautiful and haunting opening theme song, "Beautiful", is written and sung by the young and talented songwriter, Dawen Wang, who was born and raised in the United States. Fans have been requesting us to present the song with English subtitles, so here it is with my own translation along with more about its cute songwriter.

Dawen, the songwriter for "Beautiful", became well known originally for his Chinese-language rendition of popular English songs, such as Rebecca's "Friday". His videos are widely used by teachers in Chinese classes in many American colleges and can be found on Youtube. Some listeners even think the songs sound better when sung in Chinese.

He has recently moved to Taiwan to expand his music career. Aside from singing, composing, and making new music videos, he is also studying to improve his Chinese. Previously, he wrote songs in English and then had them translated. Now, he would like to directly compose in Chinese first. He said that because English is his first language, his thought process starts in English; but as grammar is totally different in Chinese, he's needed help to translate the lyrics from English to Chinese. Therefore, he is studying so that he can write lyrics directly in Chinese.

We wish Dawen great success in his new ventures.

In the meantime, please enjoy "Beautiful" and continue to watch the romantic drama in Deja Vu, here on DramaFever.

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