We might have thought that we've seen it all when it comes to Sailor Moon-themed products, but a company in Japan just announced the release of their special line of colorful Moon Prism character contact lenses.

On January 27, Sailor Moon fans can get themselves a pair of Moon Prism color contact lenses courtesy of Japanese online store SHO-BI or at the retail store Village Vanguard. These lenses come in five different colors, representing MOON, MERCURY, MARS, JUPITER and VENUS. They cost only 2300 yen for a pair, which is about 20 dollars, and they are made to be used for only a month at a time. They are non-prescription, so they can't make you see any better, but you'll be looking good! Pre-orders will start on January 19 on the SHO-BI website at http://www.sho-bionlinestore.jp.

Part of the ongoing Sailor Moon 20th anniversary campaign.

Sailor Moon "Chara-Cons" (character contacts)

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