beethoven_newsBeethoven Virus is a tale of three musicians who struggle to lead a band of outcast musical underdogs to excellence and fame. In this hit 2008 drama, a conducting maestro (Kim Myung Min, winner of 2007's Best Actor Award for White Tower) collides with a beautiful violinist (Lee Ji Ah, launched to superstardom by her role in 2007's The Legend) and a trumpet prodigy (Jang Geun Suk of Hong Gil Dong) when he takes over their ragtag orchestra, seeking to prove that he can turn even amateurs into professionals. Beethoven's ratings grew steadily over the course of the drama to stay consistently close to the 20% mark over its second half, and it went on to win 7 awards from the 2008 MBC Drama Awards.

Du Ru Mi (Lee Ji Ah) has ten years of musical training and a degree from a music school. Unfortunately, after graduating she couldn't get a job, and is now stuck in a mediocre day job at the city council, where she spends most of her time proofreading and photocopying. One day, she gets the idea of suggesting that the city put on a concert for an upcoming cultural festival, and lands herself the funds, a music hall, and the charge of an orchestra. Ru Mi is sure that her life is about to change...until she discovers that their conductor has embezzled all the money and there is nothing left to pay the orchestra with.

In despair, she weaves the mayor a bunch of lies and sets out to find her own orchestra, one which will play for less money. She assembles a host of quirky, everyday characters with varying degrees of talent, until all she needs is a trumpeter. Overhearing a neighbor playing a trumpet rather well one day, she rushes over to see who it is, and finds newly-fired policeman Kang Gun Woo (Jang Geun Suk), who hates classical music with a passion due to an unfortunate experience with an orchestra conductor in his youth. The last thing Gun Woo wants is to join an orchestra, but Ru Mi is desperate and he feels sorry for her in spite of himself, so he agrees. The final thing Ru Mi needs is a conductor, which she solves by inviting recently returned maestro Kang Gun Woo (played by Kim Myung Min, and yes, he has the same name as the trumpeter), a famous conductor, to head their orchestra.

What she doesn't realize, however, is that Kang is not only the conductor who made Gun Woo hate classical music in his youth, but that he is also an extremely demanding perfectionist and is feared by all his players. When Conductor Kang discovers that the boy he dismissed as a child is in fact a musical genius, the stage is set for a showdown between the cop-turned-trumpeter and the world-renowned conductor, and Ru Mi is caught between them in a triangle that involves not just music but also love.

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