Viewers have fallen in love with the romance in Another Oh Hae Young. Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and Do Kyung (Eric Moon) are connected beyond their own understanding and irresistibly attracted to each other. When they finally confessed their feelings, their emotional outpouring was simply unstoppable. But did you know that the two most popular kisses in the drama are also special for another reason? 

SPOILER ALERT: The kiss scenes discussed here take place in episodes 9 and 10, in case you haven't watched them yet. 

1. First Kiss

The hesitation on Do Kyung's part is rooted in the knowledge that he was responsible for Hae Young's lost wedding. He feels guilty and unsure. He also sees snippets of a vision that appears to come true, and the premonition seems grim.

Hae Young of course doesn't know all the angst that Do Kyung is going through. When she feels rejected by Do Kyung, she wavers between layers of emotions.

The repressed feelings finally erupted when they fought with each other and the struggle turned into a fiery kiss scene:

Whew! Did you pause after this scene to take a breather? 

How about this revelation?

This kiss was filmed in one take, without NG! 

Director Song Hyeon Wook confirmed during an interview that, "The kiss scene was going to be a rough one according to the scenario. They were emotionally engaged and as soon as the cameras started rolling, they got really into it."

He added, "They didn't just focus on the kiss, but Do Kyung (Eric Moon) wrapped his arms around Hae Young's (Seo Hyun Jin) waist, and they hugged each other after the kiss as well. They really seemed like they wanted each other."

(Seriously, I need to turn up the A/C to cool down.)

2. Clam-cooking Kiss

Delicious food and great kisses apparently go hand in hand, as demonstrated in this scene. The two lovers went on a day trip and were grilling clams together, when all of a sudden...

There was practically fireworks going on as Do Kyung leaped up to kiss Hae Young.

And the behind-the-scene revelation?

The kiss scene was Eric's idea. 

As it turned out, while the director and the leading couple were discussing how to include a kiss scene where there was real fire and table-top cooking going on, our creative and handsome leading man said, "What if I just turn the chair?"

It worked! We viewers are delighted with the result.

Please, Eric Moon, keep up with your good ideas! We want more!


Another Oh Hae Young

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