Time for another behind-the-scenes look at a drama with IS Plus. The last time I covered one of these was with Wish Upon A Star, following its lead actress Choi Jung-won. This installment follows Hyun-woo, the actor playing scholar Sung Sam-moon in the currently airing Tree With Deep Roots.

In case you (like me) were stuck wondering for a good dozen episodes why Sam-moon seemed so familiar but couldn’t quite place him, Hyun-woo’s the actor from Pasta’s Team Italy, as well as one of the Flower Fighters of Dream. Amazing how much less recognizable a person can become when you cover up his curly mop of hair, no?

Hello, this is Hyun-woo. These days, I really feel like I’m dreaming. It’s a huge fortune as an actor to be playing such an appealing character in Tree With Deep Roots, but to also be appearing in the sitcom I Live in Cheongdam-dong makes me extremely happy. With such strong sunbae-nims in both shows, I have so much to learn. On the other hand, it is challenging to act in front of the best sunbae actors, because I’m not entirely able to shake off my nerves. I’ve put a lot of thought into how to create interesting and appealing characters, but I’m not sure how you in the viewership are receiving them. I briefly shook off my nerves to take a look at the set of Tree With Deep Roots, the show I’m focusing my attention on these days, through a camera viewfinder. I’ve caught us in these photos looking intense, but also enjoying ourselves. Come with me and take a look at the set of the popular hit Tree With Deep Roots.

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