streaker 4

This is just totally weird! Apparently in the Wangjing neighborhood of Beijing there was this mysterious person running naked at night by himself, or on occasion with a blow up doll and naked lady running behind him. Streaker 1 Most recently he was seen driving along naked on a scooter, and holding a crucifix. His name is Li Binyuan and revealed his streaker-licious alter ego on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter and Facebook) a few days ago. He also admitted to streaking at least 10 other times, but sadly will be retiring. Supposedly he only did it to "release his tension from being imprisoned in a complex reality." Um, ok I guess we all feel that way at times. However look on the bright side: not only did he attend the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts, but he has a nice back-line. Enjoy the photos below! streaker2 streaker3 streaker6 streaker 5 KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source: