Living in China's capital, Beijing, has become too expensive for single workers, but this young woman has come up with an innovative idea to cut down her rent.

Li-Li, who is originally from Taiwan, had lived in Brooklyn before she moved to Beijing. At first, she rented a single room "the size of a rat cage," according to her, and it still cost her 3,000 yuans (almost 500 US dollars) a month. She wanted to find another place to live. A friend of hers jokingly said, while pointing at his own home's rooftop balcony, "Why don't you camp out in a tent there?"

Sometimes a joke can inspire a great solution. After Li-Li heard the joke, she became curious and looked for a yurt vender in Beijing. In case you don't know, a yurt is a traditional Mongolian tent. She found that all the yurts there were made of plastic and metal materials, and the prices were very expensive. Even the smallest one with a 3-meter diameter (a little under 10 feet) was priced at 10,000 yuan, equivalent to 1,640 US dollars.

She finally found a yurt-making factory in China's Inner Mongolia. The yurt would be made in the traditional method with wood and covered with leather materials. So she ordered a small tent of 3.5-meter diameter for only 4,000 yuans (about 656 US dollars) and the price even included workers to come to Beijing to build the yurt for her.

As soon as it was installed, a snowstorm swept through Beijing. Li-Li thought the yurt might have been blown away. She went and saw the yurt was covered in snow, but was standing solidly and there wasn't even a single leak inside. She felt very touched and warmed by her future abode.

Her story has become viral in China. Li-Li purposely did not reveal the exact location of her yurt, but provided photos for us to see.

Li-Li has lived in the yurt for a year now. Friends have asked if she gets cold in it. She said that Mongolian people have lived in yurts for probably thousands of years, and she's never heard of anyone getting frozen inside a yurt. Even in extremely cold weather, she could turn on her heater and stay very comfortable.

Hmm... wonder if I can build a yurt in New York City?