The Chinese internet has become obsessed with putting Benedict Cumberbatch, British actor and Sherlockstar, into online gay romance literature. In one story, Sherlock tells Dr. Watson that he should become an adult film actor to pay off his student loans, and in another story told from Dr. Watson point of view he says, "Sherlock's tongue was like an all-powerful key, unlocking all the doors of my heart."

Part of the fascination with Cumberbatch in China stems from the popularity of Sherlock, as the show has had 24 million viewers on Sohu TV, the Chinese television and video site. Many of the Chinese refer to Cumberbatch's character as "Curly Fu," (curly referring to the star's hair). There are tons of online forums dedicated to talk about the star, photo shopped pictures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson kissing, a cartoon of them holding hands and even a video of the two characters exchanging intimate looks.

Cartoons in love.

Photoshopped lovers.

Curly Fu!