After category 3 Typhoon Soudelor slammed Taiwan on August 8 and left a trail of serious damages and lost lives, Taiwanese locals are finding a lighthearted stress relief in 2 postal mail boxes that got bent by a fallen billboard during the super-typhoon. The two mail boxes have made international news and gone viral. Check out these fun photos.

At the time of this article, residents in Taiwan and surrounding islands are still finding their way after the havoc wreaked by Typhoon Soudelor on Saturday, August 8. There are reportedly 8 people dead, hundreds injured, loss of electricity and potable water, flooding and landslides, trees felled by the thousands, and damages to homes and buildings, as well as tremendous losses in agriculture.

When the 2 bent mail boxes located at an intersection of Nanjing Road and Longjiang Road in Taipei were discovered to be looking super cute in their new pose, they became an instant hit as a form of comic relief. People are flocking to the new travel attraction to take photos. Some visitors even come from out of town. Interestingly, the street name of "Longjian" means "Dragon River" in Chinese.

The boxes are nicked named Xiao Hong (Little Read) and Xiao Lu (Little Green) by their admirers. The green box is for regular local mail and the red is for special and international mail. 

Chunghwa Post, the official postal service, has agreed to leave these cute mail boxes in place by popular appeal, provided that the boxes are structurally sound to continue their job working for the postal service. It even assigned a postman, the guy dressed in the green uniform, to take photos with the public.

Retail shops around the 2 mail boxes are doing brisk business. There is even talk that Chunghwa Post may develop affiliated merchandise for their new stars. (How about it, USPS?)

Once the news hit international news, there's no turning back the new-found viral fame for the 2 cuties. Not to be left out of the fun, foreign fans have found a way to participate by posting photoshopped images such as this one from Reddit via Chinatimes:

If you ever travel to Taiwan, be sure to check out the 2 cute mail boxes and say hello.

In the meantime, Xiao Hong and Xiao Lu are internet favorites with their own hashtag #郵筒, which means “#mailbox.” 

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