Dramas are one of the best forms of entertainment to keep occupied when you're sick, because they're exactly the right length to keep the average individual entertained for a week, which is how long most illnesses last. They also provide the emotional heart and high budget production values of a film without ending in two hours. Having said that, not all dramas make up the best sick-time watching. When you're sick, you probably don't want a long, complicated sageuk (historical drama), a high-octane action or suspense effort, or anything with intense emotional ups-and-downs. No tear ducts should be activated and no brain cells forced to work in the midst of a cold-induced fog or fever-clouded brain. Here are my top choices for sick-time viewing.
1. Pasta - while pasta may be a delicacy to the cooks and guests of high-end Italian restuarants like the one portrayed in this drama, for most of us common mortals, it's a comfort food that we can turn to at the end of the day - nothing better than a large bowl of steaming spaghetti. That's exactly what this drama is like - warm, filling, flavorful comfort food for when you're feeling down. Pasta is a relatively low-key drama, particularly for Kdramas, but there's something endlessly appealing about its light, warm take on the cooking-and-falling-in-love story, and the romance between main couple Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Hyo Jin is effervescent and ridiculously addicting. It's a low-concept drama, but the cinematography has a lovely indie feel and the sets, especially La Sferra where most of it happens, have a clean, colorful look which is very refreshing. Highly recommended(just make sure you stock up on pasta beforehand because all the delicious food floating around will have your mouth watering).
2. Goong - this famous drama runs a little too long, allowing for some repetitiveness and plot histrionics in the middle, but there's no denying it's super addicting and that Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon are perfectly cast. Together they create magic onscreen for 24 episodes as we watch the impulsive commoner thaw the heart of the icy prince she's betrothed to. A rare convincing rendition of the rags-to-riches/princess story, it's both a love story and a growing-up tale. It makes this list because it gets interesting relatively quickly and stays compelling for most of its run, possessing a spark of magic that makes it a good way to pass time when you're sick.
3. 9 End 2 Outs- this charming drama is  the pitch-perfect story of two best friends who fall in love. The two main characters are refreshingly adult and mature, each with their own lives and careers, and the plot avoids most of the over-the-top twists of many Korean dramas (twists which can get particularly tiring particularly when you're sick and crabby and wind up griping at the screen over why the two main characters can't just get it together). As I said in my original review, Park Soo Ae and Lee Jung Jin have incredible chemistry together as the funny, squabbling, in-love-without-realizing-it pair of best friends, and 9 End 2 Outs is just that adult fairy tale about two people who get it right.
4. Coffee Prince - I have a fondness for watching dramas about hard-working people when I'm sick, perhaps because it makes me that much more glad to be curled up in bed doing nothing, and this drama is no exception. Yoon Eun Hye runs errands, delivers groceries, masquerades as Gong Yoo's gay lover (yes you read that right) and ultimately winds up working at a coffee shop in her quest to financially support herself and her family. When you're sick, sometimes the classics are best, and Coffee Prince delivers and more. It's funny, offbeat, and angsty, hardly ever drags, has a cast of charmingly quirky(and good-looking) supporting characters, and is lit by insane chemistry between Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. One of the safest bets to thoroughly entertain over the course of 17 episodes.
5. Creating DestinyCreating Destiny is just the fluffy, mostly mindless chick flick that the doctor ordered when you're sick. Eugene may not be the best actress in the world but she's got a cheery, warm screen presence and has delicious chemistry with Ki Tae Young as a prickly doctor. Watch these two meet, squabble, banter, and ultimately fall in love as a result of (more often in spite of) their families' attempts to set them up in an arranged marriage with each other. At 33 episodes, Creating Destiny may last longer than your illness does, but judicial fast-forwarding can fix that. Creating Destiny is a delightful ride guaranteed to not tire you out while still providing amusement.