LG Mobile has decided that the best way to advertise their LG G Pro 2 cell phone is by using the cutest puppy dogs ever, and it works!

As LG guides you through the touch screen technique of focusing in on specific objects captured in a photo, they ingeniously made those objects the cutest puppies in the whole wide world! The first commercial featured a small white snowball of a puppy with a smile worthy of melting all the ice in Antarctica...or wherever ice happens to be at the moment.

The 2nd commercial features a naughty Pomeranian destroying his owner's feather-filled pillow. After being yelled at, this little pom pom escorts him or herself into their cage. If these puppies don’t make you want to buy a phone, then you have a heart as cold as ice.

Just check out this video of both puppy commercials, and you too will either want to buy the LG G Pro, or become a puppy thief.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE