Billboard Korea has released the K-Pop Hot 100 for 2012, and BIGBANG made the list four times! Well, three BIGBANG hits and one G-Dragon track make the top 30s and the top 10 list: At number 35, BIGBANG's monstrous hit, "Monster": G-Dragon's "Missing You" came in at number 34: BIGBANG's "Blue" (shot in New York, mostly in Brooklyn!) took the 13th spot: And of course, a K-Pop list for 2012 wouldn't be complete without BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" making the Top 10 as number 9: Congrats to BIGBANG and G-Dragon for continuously stealing our hearts musically and aesthetically with their creativity and presentations. Which tracks are your favorite? Are there any tracks that should've made the cut? (Source: