Big Bang continues to show off their impressive star power, this time being featured in the latest trailer for the highly anticipated movie Pitch Perfect 2. The fun begins at the 1:48 mark of the trailer when Big Bang's song "Fantastic Baby" plays in the background, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.

While it's not certain if "Fantastic Baby" will have a part in the actual movie, Big Bang fans around the world are excited to hear this song associated with a big Hollywood project! Check out the trailer below!

Isn't that exciting?! I really hope we get to hear this song in the actual movie. It's certainly a great fit for the trailer.

Also now that the song is probably stuck in your head, be sure to watch the full "Fantastic Baby" music video below! With over 143 million views, it's one of the most watched K-pop music videos on YouTube.

Big Bang had an exciting day yesterday with the release of their MADE tour trailer and poster as well as this feature in a Hollywood trailer. Are you excited for Big Bang's comeback? Please share your thoughts below!

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