K-pop group Big Bang member G-Dragon and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara broke up after their 5-year-long relationship, Dispatch reported today. G-Dragon and Kiko have been visiting each other in Korea and Japan to continue the relationship. As G-Dragon got busier than ever with work, G-Dragon and Kiko naturally grew apar.

According to Dispatch, a friend of G-Dragon said that G-Dragon and Kiko have “always focused on their work,” and they “naturally grew apart as G-Dragon put most of his time working on the new album.” The friend added, “As Big Bang’s world tour started, the two got to spend less and less time together. The've been on and off, but they'll never get back together again.” 

Big Bang has ben releasing new song each month this summer, such as "Bang Bang Bang," "Bae Bae," and "Let’s Not Fall In Love." In addition, G-Dragon with Taeyang starred on Infinity Challenge, one of Korea’s most popular variety shows, and performed at the Infinity Challenge summer music festival with Infinity Challenge member Kwanghee.

Mizuhara Kiko has also been busy working as a model and actress.

G-Dragon and Kiko have never been an official couple. They have continuously denied numerous relationship rumors, which date back to August 2010. Regardless of the denials, the two were spotted together on multiple occasions, and it’s been an unofficially official fact that G-Dragon and Kiko are dating.

As early as this May, Kiko was spotted getting on G-Dragon’s car after clubbing with 2NE1’s CL in Itaewon.

Although it seems G-Dragon and Kiko will never get back together, the two will remain friends.

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