G-Dragon Big Bang member G-Dragon will be releasing his self-produced second album this coming August. On June 25, YG Entertainment’s representative Producer Yang Hyun Suk revealed G-Dragon’s plans for solo activity on YG’s official blog. His second album will come out on August 8, 2013, mirroring the release of his first album, which dropped on August 8, 2009. G-Dragon will also be writing the lyrics of all the songs, as well as composing them; he will also take care of producing the album. A total of ten new songs are to be expected. Yang Hyun Suk explained, “Rather than having multiple international artists contributing, we gathered opinions on having one legend-ranking overseas artist. We chose only one person. The heroine is Missy Elliot.” Also, “G-Dragon’s hip-hop track deviated from typical hip-hop music. A voice sampling of Korean folk song, ‘Nilliria,’ was used adding a distinct Korean element.” Meanwhile, on the 26th, Yang Hyun Suk hinted at plans for another Tae Yang's (another Big Bang member) solo album. (source: nate news, sports korea)