This is a story of true love! A woman in China weighing more than 308 lbs. has married a man who's vowed to gain weight to match his bride.

Chang Qing-Hua had a boyfriend for over a year but she was ultimately rejected by his family. She became very depressed. Later, she went on a fruitless matching-making spree of 18 meetings. When Qing-Hua was in college, her weight was 176 pounds. By this time, she weighed 308 pounds.

Then she met Liu Ru through an internet chat site. They had such a great time chatting that they decided to meet after two months. It was love at first sight!

Liu Ru weighed only 138 pounds, less than half of Qing-Hua's weight. When they went to get their respective parents' permission to marry, his parents thought she was too heavy. Her parents, on the other hand, thought he was too scrawny.

Qing-Hua tried so hard to lose weight that she ended up in the hospital after losing 22 pounds. Liu Ru eventually persuaded his parents to accept the marriage. On Qing-Hua's birthday this year, Liu Ru came with a bouquet of roses and kneeled in front of all the customers where Qing-Hua worked and asked for her hand.

When they go out together, they get gawked at by passersby but they simply ignore the stares. Liu Ru has even gained 40 pounds to now weigh 178 pounds. He says his goal is to weigh 220 pounds so that he will "match her better."