As much as I loved them when I was a kid, I actually don't remember  the last time I had a Big Mac. It's not that I have any particular reason for not eating them; it's just that McDonald's isn't as appetizing to me as it was when I was 13 years old. But after seeing this sushi chef turn the classic burger into a delicious-looking sushi roll, I may just have to go to McDonald's and get myself one, with fries, of course, and a chocolate milk shake!

He just makes it look so appetizing! Hiroyuki Terada, a Japanese master sushi chef, has been delighting diners at NoVe Kitchen & Bar in Miami for some time now with his unique fusing of traditional Japanese, Latin American, and American flavors in his creations. On a video recently put up on YouTube, Chef Terada shows just how talented he is by turning a Big Mac into an appetizing sushi roll! To his credit, he does add avocado, tomato, BBQ sauce, spicy mayo, and some micro greens, but that's understandable, given how flimsy Big Macs actually are. 

As you watch Chef Terada transform the once-cheap-looking Big Mac into an exquisite roll, you too may get the urge to run to your local McDonald's for a Big Mac Meal. Or you can go get some delicious sushi. The choice is yours...

Big Sushi Mac

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