As part of the BIGBANG 10 celebrations, S-Factory in Seoul hosted a BIGBANG-themed exhibition.

Off the beaten path near Konkukk University lies the S-Factory exhibition space sandwiched between car repair shops and residences. It is deceptively hard to find, considering the building is plastered with BIGBANG promotional materials seen from a mile away. The entire building has been taken over by BIGBANG's month long art exhibition, which comes to a close at the end of this month. If you'd like to see the show before it loses on October 30th, you can buy tickets on Auction or at the venue.

The show is promoted as created and curated by the members, but the full validity of that is hard to confirm. The pieces are avant-garde, and certainly align with TOP's avid art obsession on social media


There is also no denying that the show is heavily sponsored. Notably by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (unfortunately no amount of BIGBANG sponsorship may help), the UO Smart Beam projector and speakers and a VR headset that attendees could test.


The experience was tailored for foreign fans, with exhibits and menus in Korea, English, Japanese and Chinese. The exhibition is cushioned by a gift shop, featuring a Moonshot pop-up store and unique MADE concert goods, like a BIGBANG Coloring Book.

What do you think? Is a BIGBANG art exhibition something you would check out?


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