Taiwanese fans of BIGBANG are upset that one of the scheduled fan meets for the 2016 BIGBANG made [V.I.P.] tourhas been canceled due to complaints, but the surprising reason for the complaints is pretty unusual. Find out more.

BIGBANG is visiting Taiwan on September 9 to 11 to appear in four fan meetings. Taiwanese fans have been stunned to learn that the early afternoon session on September 10 has been canceled. 

The reason given by IME Asia, the event organizer in Taiwan, is that Saturday, September 10, is a school day to make up for the national holiday of Mid-Autum Festival. The important lunar-calendar holiday falls on September 15 this year, and schools have scheduled September 10 for students to attend classes.

The organizers have been swamped by parents calling to criticize the fan meet scheduled for 2 p.m. on September 10, as many parents are concerned that their students would skip school to see the extremely popular K-pop group.

In the meantime, Taiwanese fans who have already purchased tickets to the canceled event are quite upset, even though IME Asia has promised to give BIGBANG posters to the disappointed fans and guaranteed seats in the evening session. 

Many fans are complaining that it was a well-known fact that September 10 was going to be a school day even before the fan meets were scheduled. Some fans also say they wouldn't have told their parents in the first place, (which would seem to make the parents' concern valid.) Out-of-town fans also complain about changing their travel schedule.

As it is, T.O.P. isn't going to appear in the Taiwan fan meets due to scheduling conflicts.

IME Asia organizers probably feel that they're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Interestingly, YG Entertainment in Korea reportedly said the canceled session was never confirmed and, therefore, "... it’s not correct to say it was canceled.”

How about you? Would you skip school to see BIGBANG? If you're a student's parent, would you be upset?

~ NancyZdramaland

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