Get ready BIGBANG fans this just might be the event you have been waiting for!  BIGBANG is coming to Honolulu for their made [V.I.P.] tour! It is a great time to be a BIGBANG fan living in Hawaii...and for the rest of us...well it just might be time to double check your savings account! Interested in getting all the details? Read on to find out.

YG Entertainment recently announced that BIGBANG will be in Honolulu on October 22 for the BIGBANG made [V.I.P.] tour! 

This fan meeting will be the groups first official event in Hawaii. "There have been some South Korean musicians who had performances in Hawaii, but BigBang is the first to perform on a large 'arena-scale' stage," said an official of YG Entertainment.

The fan meeting will take place at the Neal Blaisdell Center Arena in Honolulu, where BIGBANG will hold mini concerts and play a variety of games for their fans.

*** Tickets go on sale Thursday, August 18 at 10AM and can be purchased here (***

Heartbreakingly, due to the difficulty in his schedule, T.O.P had to cancel all of his appearances for [V.I.P] MADE TOUR IN HONOLULU. T.O.P has expressed his deepest apologies to the fans who have been expecting him on the stage. YG Entertainment and the organizers also express their sincere apologies to the fans.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary since their debut, the group has been holding fan meeting events around the world. In March, June, and July, BIGBANG drew around 110,000 fans in multiple Chinese cities where tickets sold out in the blink of an eye, according to the South Korean agency.

Prior to the Hawaii event, BIGBANG is scheduled to hold fan meeting events in Macau on Sept. 3 and 4, then in Taiwan on Sept. 8-10.

In addition to the overseas fan events, BIGBANG is set to have a home concert on Aug. 20 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium to mark its anniversary.

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