Every year, TIME magazine conducts the Readers' Poll, a survey that helps decide who the 100 most influential men and women in the world are. The resulting list is a selection of individuals and groups who affect the most lives around the world. For 2016, readers voted BIGBANG as second place on the coveted list, which ranks them above all other entertainers around the world.

With 2.9% of the vote, BIGBANG came in second among a group of influential figures that includes Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Pope Francis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more. Topping the list is Democratic superstar Bernie Sanders, who garnered 3.3% of all votes. The TIME 100 list has been around since 1999, when American academics, journalists and politicians created it as part of a debate over who were the most influential figures. Since then, it has come to include politicians, humanitarians, scientists, entertainers, athletes, icons, and anyone else deemed to have great influence in the world in which we live. To date, Barack Obama has been on the list more than anyone else, appearing on it a total of ten times in the last 15 years.

The Readers' Poll, which is conducted a few days before the magazine's editors select the official list, gives the public an opportunity to express who influenced them the most, independent of what journalists think. And this year the people have spoken, voting BIGBANG as the second most influential people/group in the entire world. Whether or not they make the official list is yet to be seen, but when the public thinks you have more influence than the pope, that's quite a big deal.

With only 0.5% more of the total votes, they would have beaten Bernie! There's always next year . . . 

#1 Bernie Sanders


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