BIGBANG has been teasing multiple fan events to celebrate their ten-year anniversary!

BIGBANG's website BIGBANG10 has been updated to show five anniversary events.

1. The Movie: BIGBANG MADE

On Thursday, June 30, BIGBANG: The Movie was released exclusively in CGV theaters, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of BIGBANG's most recent world tour. Interviews with the members, as well as the competent directorial and stylist staff that made it happen, accompany footage from around the world as fans gathered to celebrate their comeback in 2015.

Teasers featuring footage from the film were released on BIGBANG's V Channel.

2. The Concert: 0.TO.10

On June 28, BIGBANG announced their next concert via their Facebook page. The concert will take place at 7PM on August 20 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Tickets will go on sale on the Auction website at 8PM on July 14. 

3. The Exhibition: A to Z

Beginning August 5 and ending October 30, BIGBANG will open an exhibition at S-Factory in Sungsu, Seoul. 

4. ???

5. ???

The fourth and fifth anniversary specials have yet to be announced. What do you think they will be?

In the meantime, relive the excitement of the BIGBANG: 'MADE' Tour exclusively on DramaFever!