Another BIGBANG member has officially enlisted! Daesung joined the army training camp in Hwachun, Gangwon-do, on Tuesday, March 13, a day after Taeyang enlisted.

On Tuesday at the army base, Daesung showed up in a khaki jacket, black hoodie, and pants. He waved to the fans, who’d been waiting to see him and his signature smiling eyes, saying, “I’ll be back before you know it,” and “I love you.” The fans were holding placards with phrases like, “I’ll wait for you,” and “Be back safe and healthy.” Taeyang will receive five weeks of training, and be assigned to serve at a new location. Taeyang’s training camp in Hwachun is pretty close to Cheorwon, where G-Dragon and Taeyang’s camps are.

Now that four BIGBANG members are in the army, youngest member Seungri shared a note to his fans on Instagram yesterday. He said, “Daesung hyung enlisted today. As the last one left, I plan to enlist this year after completing the scheduled activities to minimize the break BIGBANG would have. Please tune into BIGBANG’s new track Flower Road. As the lyrics say, we’ll be waiting for you. Thank you and I love you, always.” Seungri’s Chinese film, Love Only, premiered on March 2, and he plans to drop a solo album before joining the army.

So when can we expect to see the five BIGBANG member again? Quick math shows us that the BIGBANG members will reunite in 2020 at the earliest.

Until that time comes, let’s give their new track Flower Road lots of love!

Best of luck to you in the military, Daesung!

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