30038814 On a recent episode of SBS's Hwasin: Controller of the Heart, G-Dragon admitted that instead of breaking up with a girlfriend, he tries to provoke her into breaking up with him. This is because, he says, a girl shouldn't have to get dumped. “Ever since I was little I had the thought that it’s not right for the guy to bring up the subject of breaking up with a girl. So instead of bringing it up first, I use a different method," G-Dragon said. "This might be bad, but I make her talk about it first.” So, how exactly do you get a girl to break up with you without bringing it up yourself? According to G-Dragon, he takes the following tactic: “When my feelings for my girlfriend had cooled down, I always acted like I was sick and decreased our meeting times.” Then, he says, she eventually gets tired of him and suggests a breakup of her own volition. What do you think of this strategy? Do you have any breakup strategies of your own? Share them with us in the comments below! (Source: enewsworld.interest.me)