The news that BIGBANG fans (and especially T.O.P.'s fans) have all been dreading is finally out! T.O.P. is off to serve his county and the official enlistment date has been set! Read onto find out how much longer you can expect to see T.O.P. in performance!

According to the official homepage of the National South Korean Police Agency, T.O.P. (aka Choi Seung Hyun), will begin his mandatory military duty on February 9, 2017! It was further revealed that T.O.P. will be spending his conscription as a policeman for the duration of his service. T.O.P. will begin his basic four week training at the army training center in Nonsan, after which he will receive further training at the police agency as part of the guard band. 

While T.O.P. will be one of the older recruits -- compared to the other conscripted policeman who usually are in their early to mid-20s -- he is still the first of the five BIGBANG members to serve in the military. 

Before T.O.P.'s departure, the group will be celebrating a decade of performance together in their 0. to. 10 Concert in Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome on January 7th and 8th 2017!

While many fans are sad to see T.O.P. go, perhaps the thought of seeing him in his police uniform will hold us over!

We will miss you T.O.P.!


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